Bathrooms are becoming an extension of experimental and comfortable living space and people now demand a high standard of personalised experience even in the most public places, says Ideal Standard, which is now working to deliver that experience.

What is in vogue now may not be fashionable 25 years down the line, which is the average lifespan of a bathroom, says Geberit, a European leader in the field of sanitary solutions.

Grohe's  Icon 3D collection, comprising the first 3D metal-printed taps by a leading European sanitary ware brand, emerged as the winner of the Best Product Design at the Blueprint Awards 2019, which recognises companies that are at the forefront of innovation in design and architecture.

Ritmonio, a leading Italian manufacturer of sanitary ware, says the choice of combinations afforded by its vast product portfolio enables designers to organise bathrooms in a functional and pleasant way and create a customised environment to satisfy every contemporary requirement.