Hotels & Palaces

The region’s hospitality sector is expected to see boom times ahead with some $30 billion worth of hotel construction contracts likely to be awarded in the Middle East and North Africa between now and 2023.

Safety and security challenges rank high among the most pressing issues of the modern world which is becoming increasingly urbanised. These challenges can be faced in all locations – be it hotels, palaces, hospitals, schools, residential and commercial facilities.

USG Middle East (USG Boral ME) aims to change the way buildings are designed and built in the region and become the premier regional supplier for ceiling systems and drywall partitions.

Some 7,000 handles from Manital will soon open the doors at the new iconic Jumeirah Gate skyscraper which is under construction in the heart of Dubai. The handle chosen is Morphos Light, in an elegant black finish.

Halton’s success in its mission to enable people’s well-being in demanding indoor environments has catapulted the Finnish company into the wide global arena, where it has been providing a unique selection of indoor air solutions.