Manufacturers & Procurement

BMC Gulf, the UAE’s leading specialist in geosynthetics and thermoplastic materials, has introduced another new class of revolutionary products to the country’s construction industry. This new class of construction materials is known as geosynthetic cementitious composite mats or GCCMs.

RMD Kwikform (RMDK) has launched a white paper that offers recommendations on how commercial building projects can drive productivity and improve on-site health and safety.

The UAE emirate of Sharjah is well on its way to establishing itself as a frontrunner in  adopting technology that shapes the architecture of the future with plans to 3D print its first house by the Q3 of this year.

Meva formwork systems came in handy to shape up an eight-storey building in Abu Dhabi, especially where conventional systems fell short. The systems are being used for the multifaceted construction of the shell of the new residential building with a floor area of 2,500 sq m. The building consists of two basements and eight upper storeys.

IKEA and Ori have teamed up to develop the Rognan robotic furniture, to enable people create their dream homes in small spaces. As cities boom, living spaces are shrinking. That’s why IKEA is exploring flexible and innovative solutions for small homes.