Drones in Construction

Stormbee, a pioneer in mobile mapping solutions, uses unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or drones to produce scans of objects, buildings, sites and geological areas seven times faster than would be possible with terrestrial scanners.

Projects can take a long time to complete and can be complex; hence, people have been looking for new ways to cut costs, timeframe and improve the end product. Engineering is no different, and indeed is an integral part of ensuring the project is designed, optimised and delivered properly.  Take the development of a new dam, for example.

Reality modelling solutions by Bentley Systems, a global leader in software for advancing infrastructure, are providing innovative ways to maximise the value of raw data captured using drones.

MuDD Architects recently developed a drone spraying equipment, in line with its focus on offering solutions for sustainable architecture, facade refurbishments and housing systems using local natural materials and novel technologies.

Japan's Terra Drone, a leader in industrial drones, has partnered with NDT Corrosion Control Services (NDTCCS), a leading Saudi provider of non-destructive testing and inspection services, to form a new joint venture, Terra Drone CCS that will focus on the Middle East market.