Fire Protection

While the long-anticipated publication of the revised UAE Life and Fire Safety Code last year focused attention on cladding and other building materials, there is also a need to consider interior details that can have a dramatic impact on the safety of building occupants.

As the GCC tightens the screws on fire safety standards in the building construction sector, Technal Middle East (TME) is positioning itself as a total solutions provider of fire-rated aluminium systems for windows, doors and facades.

Advancements in technology and innovative building materials have opened a new era in building construction where architects are challenged to offer out-of-the-box creative designs and engineers defy gravity by constructing sky-reaching towers.

Reynaers Aluminium offers a complete range of fireproof solutions that give building occupants the extra crucial time necessary to escape to safety in case of a fire.

Bristol, a leading Dubai-based company in fire protection services and equipment, has unveiled an innovative new system that not only quickly and accurately extinguishes flames but also protects the surrounding environment from water damage.

Over the last decade, tall buildings have been synonymous with the overall development of the Middle East and will remain a big part of the region’s construction market as evidenced by the new wave of super-tall developments being planned or already under construction.