Carpets & Floor Coverings

Bamardouf offers endless design options with its new luxury vinyl tile and an acrylic-based cement board joint compound for fibre cement board applications. Bamardouf Decoration Company is launching a new luxury vinyl tile (LVT) in Saudi Arabia that offers virtually endless design options and an easy installation method.

RAK Ceramics says its heavy investment in research and development and the latest technologies has kept it at the cutting edge of ceramics production globally.

Every year, millions of square feet of floor coverings are being laid to cover floors in various applications across the GCC. To fix these types of floor covering, special adhesives and repair materials are required.

In response to the increasing demand for industrial concrete finishes, Mapei is offering its Ultratop range of polished concrete which gives consumers the look and benefits of such a finish, especially in cases where the existing concrete slab cannot be polished due to its poor condition or wasn’t cast to the correct tolerances.