Fire Protection

ABHISHEK CHHABRA* provides an insight into certain aspects of fire testing and certification of materials used for passive fire protection which, if missed, provides an opportunity to material suppliers to get away with unsafe materials.

Planning is important when selecting a fire system for restaurant kitchens to mitigate the risk of fire and prevent loss of life and property, says US-based Greenheck, a leader in air movement, conditioning and control equipment. Kitchen hoods often are thought of at the end of the restaurant planning process.

Middle East Specialised Cables (MESC) of the UAE put the spotlight on its newly launched Pyro SI fire-resistant cables for fire alarm systems at the Gulf Industry Fair, a premier industrial showcase which was held last month (February 9 to 11) in Bahrain.

Azel Rock Wool Insulation Factory (Azel), a Saudi-based manufacturer and supplier of rockwool for heat and sound insulation, says it has received the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certification for all its fire-resistant rockwool insulation products.