Precast Concrete

Qanbar Dywidag Precast Concrete Company continues to be associated with some of the big players in the industry, thanks to the reputation it has built since its inception 34 years ago.

ALIREZA BIPARVA* of Kryton International highlights that while precast concrete holds the key to the quality of structures, effective waterproofing ensures their durability. Infrastructure construction is booming at a global level, but few places are building at such a furious rate as the Gulf region.

Meva Formwork Systems of Germany has embarked on an educational campaign to promote the new ACI Guide to Formed Concrete Surfaces released by the American Concrete Institute (ACI). The ACI is one of the most influential concrete institutions and is active in 120 countries across the globe.

Elematic has launched a new fully-automated precast concrete wall production line that offers high factory capacity, top-rate precast product quality and reduced operating costs through state-of-the automation technologies, optimised production plan, carefully-designed production process and individually tailored solutions.