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Sioen in the spotlight ... the  presentation was hosted by the Belgian Embassy.

Sioen in the spotlight ... the presentation was hosted by the Belgian Embassy.

Sioen sees good demand for tensile architecture

November 2015

Leading Belgian company for tensile architecture Sioen Industries has seen impressive growth in Saudi Arabia since the launch of its first office in the kingdom in the beginning of this year.

Its dedicated tensile architecture lines FluoMax, EasyFluo and SioGloss have generated great interest among customers and companies in the region, who have been impressed by their potential uses and high quality, the company said.

Sharif El Halabi, who heads Sioen’s ofice in Riyadh, said that within less than a year, the brands have cornered a two-digit market share, and that growth looks “promising”.

Meanwhile, Sioen CEO Michèle Sioen held a presentation in Riyadh last month to promote Sioen’s products to local companies and meet customers.

At the event, hosted by the Belgian embassy, tensile architecture manager Paolo Giugliano highlighted Sioen’s vision, products, design and commitment to quality.

Giugliano showcased some of the key advantages of Sioen’s tensile fabrics such as their ability to cover large spans using less support, while creating eye-catching architecture and weightless natural forms.

He pointed out that the fabrics are green-friendly as they are almost totally prefabricated, and as they are highly reflective, they afford good thermal protection. Also, as the structures allow more natural light, they create a  “positive and safer ambience”. 

In the next three months, Sioen will be delivering a 17,000-sq-m roof for the Adriatic Arena in Pesaro, the largest multi-use building dedicated to sport and musical events in Italy.

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