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The Cisa contactless lock.

The Cisa contactless lock.

UBM promotes new lock and safe range

November 2015

In line with its goal of offering the best electronic locking solutions to the hospitality industry, Universal Building Materials Merchants Company (UBM) of Saudi Arabia has launched eSigno, the latest access control solutions for hotels and other communities from the European brand Cisa.

“Cisa has already proven itself in the market, having worked with more than 4,500 establishments in the hospitality business – ranging from large chains to small hotels in more than 100 countries – to enhance their level of security and their reputation,” says Chethan Balashekar, product manager Security and Engineering Services at UBM, which represents Cisa in Saudi Arabia.

The eSigno range includes a new electronic lock and a hotel safe.

The leading product in the range is the new contactless lock, a modular product capable of delivering complete and efficient solutions to suit the customer’s specific needs, whether they be hotel chains or family-run businesses.

“Its elegant, compact Italian design is the ultimate fusion of technology and user-friendliness,” says Balashekar.

eSigno’s main features include:

• Simplicity: No invasive work is needed on the door, making it easier to replace existing systems;

• Contactless technology: The door is unlocked by simply holding the card up to the reader, avoiding contact and, as a result, wear and tear to parts;

The Cisa hotel safe from the eSigno range.

The Cisa hotel safe from the eSigno range.

• Power supply: the lock is battery powered so no wiring is required and it is fully functional even in the event of a power failure; and

• Control: eSigno is available in standalone or wireless versions. The wireless solution can provide complete control over the system, maximising the potential of wireless communication. With no wiring required on the doors, it will be possible to control and manage the whole system from a central station.

The eSigno electronic lock includes a security card, which when inserted in the lit cardholder, switches on the electric power in the room (or other environments). This device prevents unnecessary wastage of energy when the guest is out of the room. The energy saver is also available in a version which is activated exclusively by the Cisa security card, preventing the use of cardboard cards or other similar cards.

The system comprises a contactless electronic cylinder, which allows hotels to quickly and easily upgrade from mechanically operated locks to electronic access control (granting access rights using cards or other electronic credentials). It can be integrated into any previously installed system and is interchangeable with European profile mechanical cylinders.

A wall reader can be used to control access to other areas equipped with electrical devices such as automatic barriers, electric gates, magnets, and electric locks. “Communal areas such as fitness and health centres, conference rooms, and garages are managed by holding the card up to the contactless wall-mounted reader,” Balashekar explains.

The Cisa energy-saving device.

The Cisa energy-saving device.

The Cisa eSigno product range also includes a new hotel safe that features a modern all-Italian design that blends seamlessly into any environment. A clearly visible display and an ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)-compliant keypad guides guests in the simple operations of the safe, which can hold a laptop, thanks to its 90-degree door opening. In addition, the safe can be fitted with an internal power socket while an automatic internal lighting provides greater visibility within the unit, he says.

The eSigno safe offers other features including the audit trail function that can trace the previous 300 events, storing them directly onto an SD card; the staff master code, allowing the safe to be opened if guests forget their code; and a mechanical override key to bypass the electronic lock in the event of an emergency.

“It is the Cisa smart software that makes the eSigno system quick and easy to manage and provides advanced functions specifically for the hospitality and community building sector,” Balashekar points out. “It allows the user to search, read and analyse the audit trail and print and back-up the entire database.”

“However, latest technology development has grown to an extent where electronic locks are equipped with wireless technologies like RFID (radio-frequency identification), NFC (near field communication), BLE (Bluetooth low energy), WiFi and ZigBee. Cisa new-generation systems can be integrated with any third-party property management software,” he adds.

Based in Saudi Arabia for more than 37 years, UBM possesses high technological knowhow and serves the market as a total solutions provider in door hardware and mechanical product categories. Representing world-renowned brands, the company offers superior quality products and services in two distinct sectors within the building materials industry – plumbing and drainage products and door hardware products and accessories.

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