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Escon Express lifts ... visually  appealing.

Escon Express lifts ... visually appealing.

Escon Express aims to boost regional presence

October 2020

One of the top 10 lift manufacturers in India is now gearing up to take on the wider GCC market, having established a firm presence in Bahrain since setting up an office in the country in 2018.

Escon Express Lifts has already delivered its first order to Saudi Arabia and is now eyeing potential business in Kuwait and Oman. The company was set up in Bahrain two years ago as a joint venture by Express Lifts India, which was founded in 1995 in Ahmadabad, Gujarat. 

Thanks to the manufacturing capacity of its India-based parent firm, Escon Express Lifts ensures quick delivery with a maximum lead time of two months and provides round-the-clock back-up service, Ramprasath Parthasarathi, Chairman and Managing Director of Escon Express Lifts, told Gulf Construction.

Escon Express Lifts now has ambitious plans to build a factory in Bahrain in conjunction with Express Lifts India to cater to the needs of the region, he added.

Express Lifts India has a manufacturing capacity of 1,500 lifts per year and has to date installed more than 35,000 elevators. Staffed by a 500-strong well-qualified and dedicated team, the company has 11 branches in India and four overseas branches in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kenya and Nepal.

To meet the demand for its products, Express Lifts India is currently setting up a larger factory covering 20,000 sq m and featuring a testing tower for hydraulic and machine-room-less (MRL) lifts.

“One of our unique selling points is that we are specialised in customised elevators; we provide solutions that suit our clients’ requirements and preferences,” said Ramprasath. “We offer energy-efficient elevators with a lower electricity consumption that reduces operating cost of the elevator and minimises the environmental impact.”

The company offers a vast range of functional and visually appealing designs created by its design professionals and built using innovative materials and accessories. “Our lifts are distinguished by being quiet as well as smooth and quick in operation and have a unique car structure,” he added.

Its key products include hydraulic and manual lifts, goods/car elevators with a capacity of up 10,000 kg, MRLs, auto door lifts that travel at speeds of up to 2 .5 m per second (mps), panoramic/glass lifts, hospital lifts (stretcher lifts) in all capacities and automatic luxury elevators with speeds of up to 4.5 mps.

“MRLs are traction elevators that feature a compact motor drive mounted on the car itself.  They don’t require building a separate elevator room. These elevators are very useful where there are constraints on constructing a machine room or the building height cannot be raised,” Ramprasath explained.

This apart, Escon Express Lifts also offers hydraulically-operated car stacker parking systems for two cars, designed for indoor and outdoor installations.

Its passenger elevators range comprises manual as well as automatic elevators that can accommodate six to 26 passengers and travel at speeds of up to 4.5 mps.

“Our home elevators increase the value of the home, while allowing the disabled and the elderly to easily move through a multi-level dwelling,” he pointed out.

Escon Express Lifts, he said, ensures the quality and speed of installation, as well as undertaking testing before handing over the lifts.“ We pride ourselves on having a devoted team of sales and technical engineers with professional expertise as well as many years of experience in skilfully executing and managing large, traffic-intensive installations,” Ramprasath remarked.

The company has carried out numerous orders for the government and private sectors, including corporate clients, national and international organisations, pharmaceutical companies, semi-governmental and governmental projects, small, medium and large-scale industries, hotels, hospitals and mid- and high-rise buildings.

Among the largest projects completed by the company last year was supply of MRL elevators and dumbwaiters for a 24-storey complex. In addition, it has supplied to several low- to medium-rise buildings.

“Our goal is to provide proactive service through product availability and technical support. Our service offering will reduce your total acquisition cost, minimise risk, collapse cycle time and ultimately delight the customer,” Ramprasath concludes.  

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