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  The Heart of Europe islands ... a safe haven.

The Heart of Europe islands ... a safe haven.

Kleindienst shifts ops to $5bn Heart of Europe site

May 2020

Leading developer Kleindienst Group says work is in full swing to complete Phase One of the $5-billion Heart of Europe, a masterplanned leisure tourism island destination, as the island remains free from the coronavirus.

 More than 1,200 construction workers, technicians, engineers and environmental experts are working full time in a healthy and safe environment, according to the developer. An on-site medical team runs health-checks and monitors the health and well-being of all staff and workers on the island, it states.

Kleindienst had shifted its operations to the islands just before the outbreak of the coronavirus and has been continuing its construction activities in all the seven islands that are free from the Covid-19 threat that has impacted business activities onshore.

Group Chairman Josef Kleindienst says:   “I and my team have shifted to the Heart of Europe last month and we are enjoying uninterrupted work as we are preparing to deliver Phase One of the Heart of Europe in the fourth quarter of 2020.”

Several construction workers, technicians, engineers and environmental experts are currently working on site to deliver the dream island destination that is set to rival the islands in the Maldives, he adds.

Josef says the company is supplying fresh food to them while a residential chef ensures freshly-processed and cooked food is  served to all living and working on the island.

For the last one month, the medical team is spraying disinfectants regularly while regular health checks are being conducted as part of the overall precautionary measures, says Josef.

The workers have full access to temporary community facilities, including prayer halls, recreational facilities in an air-conditioned environment, while they can also enjoy cool weather on the island in the evenings, he adds.

Phase One of The Heart of Europe comprises three islands – Sweden, Germany and Honeymoon Island – around 78 floating Seahorses (three-level floating homes with underwater views) as well as the Portafino Hotel, which will be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2020 and will add greater cultural and entertainment attractions to the emirate’s offering.

Once complete, The Heart of Europe which combines sustainability with innovation, will deliver 15 hotels with 4,000 holiday homes including the iconic Floating Seahorse Villas and over 3,500 hotel keys.

Heart of Europe is a cluster of seven man-made islands reclaimed from the Arabian Gulf. It is part of The World, a cluster of 300 islands that make up a miniature version of the world just 4 km offshore Dubai’s coastline off the Jumeirah 1 beach.  

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