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An old MAN truck and a new MAN TGS WW mixer ... 100 years on.

An old MAN truck and a new MAN TGS WW mixer ... 100 years on.

MAN Truck celebrates 100 years of manufacturing

October 2015

The Middle East operation of MAN Truck and Bus is marking a key milestone in the history of its German parent company which is celebrating 100 years of commercial vehicle manufacturing. MAN Truck and Bus has built a leadership presence in the region, with operations across the GCC and Levant over the years.

Franz von Redwitz, the new managing director of MAN Truck and Bus Middle East, said: “Celebrating 100 years of commercial vehicle manufacturing is a significant achievement and I am proud to lead MAN Truck and Bus Middle East during this historic occasion.

“MAN has a longstanding presence in the region and along with our valued distributors we have earned a well-founded reputation as an innovative and reliable commercial vehicles manufacturer delivering high-quality products to our customers in various industries.”

In Bahrain, the company is represented by AMA Motors, a division of the Ahmed Mansoor Al A’Ali Company taking care of the retail and after-sales services since 15 years. The company has thus seen and contributed to the country’s strong development in infrastructure and housing.

“MAN construction trucks have always been a part of that development. We are supplying trucks to the majority of Bahrain’s largest construction companies, helping to further develop the kingdom,” Simon Keen, general manager of AMA Motors stated. “With 100 years of manufacturing expertise, MAN products have proven their robustness in the market and we see this in a strong market position and significant growth in market share from 32 per cent in 2013 to 37 per cent in 2014 and a forecasted market share in 2015 in excess of previous years.

“We are now also operating 127 buses in Bahrain as part of the newly created public transport system which shows that the investment in quality, reliability and safety have become more important and will continue in future to provide the best services to our customers.

“MAN has become a part of Bahrain’s and the GCC’s history, being active in some of the markets since 35 years. Therefore, one can spot MAN trucks of more than 40 years of age still operating in construction or distribution. Hundred years of experience and expertise of specific truck and bus configurations at MAN have enabled the engineers to customise the vehicles to fit the harsh conditions and to further develop new products and segments.”

MAN traces its orgins back to June 21, 1915, when a new company was entered in the trade register of the City of Nuremberg: ‘Lastwagenwerke MAN-Saurer’. The first MAN-Saurer three-tonne truck soon left the joint factory in Lindau at Lake Constance.

It was followed by the first buses, which were used as long-distance buses by the Imperial Post Office and transported passengers as well as letters and parcels.

In 1916, production was shifted to the MAN plant in Nuremberg. The company traded as MAN Lastwagenwerke after the departure of Sauer in 1918.

In 1924, MAN presented the first truck with a direct-injection diesel engine – which created the basis for the triumph of diesel engines in truck construction. It saved up to 75 per cent of operating costs in comparison with the petrol engines common at the time.

In 1928, MAN presented its first three-axle truck, which was the precursor of all subsequent MAN heavy-duty trucks.

The next technical milestone was achieved in 1937, with the development of an extremely fuel-efficient direct-injection diesel engine and the introduction of the all-wheel drive.

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