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The water canal at Al Marjan Islands.

The water canal at Al Marjan Islands.

Al Marjan milestones

October 2015

The Al Marjan Island (AMI) Company has awarded the construction work on its fourth flushing channel – which is aimed at improving water circulation and enhance the aesthetics of Al Marjan Island in Ras Al Khaimah – to China Harbour Engineering Company. 

The construction of the flushing channel will reinvigorate the island’s marine environment as it is 700 m long and 40 m wide, says Abdullah Rashed Al Abdooli, managing director of AMI Company, adding that it also opens the door for developing new real estate projects on its banks.

The flushing channel is one of a series of initiatives undertaken by AMI to ensure that the marine environment around the island follows the highest global standards. It will connect Gulf waters from the west of the island to the sheltered bays on the eastern side, creating picturesque views that will appeal to discerning investors and end users alike. The channel will also be a focal point for real estate development in the neighbourhood and a new tourism generator for the surrounding hotels and retail and entertainment facilities.

“This unique flushing channel is a key component of AMI’s comprehensive marine development strategy that will ensure public access to the shoreline, and create crystal-clear water throughout the development and the highest standards of marine tourism for visitors and residents of the island. Further, it will bring in cleaner water with more dissolved oxygen, making the surrounding more hospitable to fish, plants and other marine creatures,” says Al Abdooli.

“This move strengthens our commitment to sustainable and environment-friendly development. The infusion of oxygenated water through the channel will improve the aesthetics of the island and provide more suitable habitat for aquatic life,” he adds.

The new project will add to AMI’s portfolio of near-term projects and strategic infrastructure that will create a mix of environmentally sustainable tourism, residential and hospitality developments to serve the growing population on the islands.

Among other developments, Phase One of the Al Marjan Island corniche project which links the island with Al Hamra Village has been completed, according to AMI. The project creates a 3-km-long pedestrian and cycling track along the waterfront. The corniche is located on the south-western edge of the island, and connects the island’s entrance in the south with the proposed food and beverage boardwalk to the north.

Phase One of the corniche comprises an 8-m-wide waterfront walkway lit with energy-saving LED (light emitting diode) lights, enriched by landscaping, lighting and shaded seating areas, a dedicated 3-m-wide running track, a dedicated 2.4-m cycling track, two kiosks, a children’s playground, a public car park for 265 cars and bike hire facility.

Extending parallel to Sheikh Mohammed bin Salem Road, it represents a quality value-addition to AMI and Al Hamra Village in particular and to Ras Al Khaimah’s tourism and real estate development in general.

“This picturesque corniche is designed to promote family activities and healthy living in a waterside location. It was thoughtfully designed with scalable facilities and public spaces that encourage both outdoor living and recreation activities with family and friends. It also includes unique public art exhibits celebrating the rich history of Ras Al Khaimah and Northern Emirates,” says Al Abdooli.

Al Marjan Island, an iconic tourism development in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, that extends 4.5 km into the sea, covers an area of 2.7 million sq m with a 23-km beach.

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