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Madinat Al Irfan theatre ... world class.

Madinat Al Irfan theatre ... world class.

Madinat Al Irfan Theatre work completed

November 2019

Oman Tourism Development Company (Omran) has announced the successful completion of the construction work package of Madinat Al Irfan Theatre as part of its Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre (OCEC) project.

The sultanate’s executive arm for tourism development, Omran said Madinat Al Irfan Theatre is the country’s largest lyric theatre and one of the biggest in the region which serves as a one-stop destination for businesses and events industry.

The design of Madinat Al Irfan Theatre – a three-storey building which can accommodate up to 3,200 people – was inspired by Sultan Qaboos Rose.

An iconic landscape in urban Muscat, the theatre will serve as a unique platform for the organisation of cultural events, art performance and conferences. It adopts the highest conferences management standards for organisation and includes 19 separate conference rooms in addition to an auditorium with a capacity of 456 people, it stated.

OCEC senior vice-president and project engineer Said Bin Mohamed Al Qasimi said: “We are so proud that we have successfully completed the construction works of Madinat Al Irfan Theatre, the latest OCEC facility. We are now preparing for completing the final package of the project.”

“OCEC is distinguished with its strategic location in the capital city of Muscat and is considered the first major project carried out by Omran in Madinat Al Irfan – the future urban destination for visitors from and outside the sultanate,” he added.

CEO Said Bin Salim Al Shanfari said: “The theatre is equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual (AV) and lighting technologies. The cabling infrastructure of the theatre is equipped with titanium cables for lighting that provides high-resolution colours using ArtNet technology.”

The theatre is also equipped with a world-class sophisticated sound system.

According to Omran, the OCEC has two additional ballrooms. The Grand Ballroom can accommodate up to 2,688 people and can be divided into fully equipped six separate halls. The Junior Ballroom accommodates up to 1,026 people and can be divided into two halls of equal space depending on the requirement of the organiser.  

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