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MasterFlow application.

MasterFlow application.

BASF expands range with anchoring grouts

October 2015

BASF Construction Chemicals, which offers advanced chemicals solutions for new construction, maintenance, repair and renovation of structures, has extended its MasterFlow range with the addition of anchoring grouts for the installation of threaded rods and reinforcement bars in cracked and non-cracked concrete.

The range forms part of BASF’s Master Builders Solutions range of cementitious and polymer-based grouting materials for precision machinery, grouting and anchoring which have been supplied to the GCC market for decades. These provide superior strength and precision, making them ideal for demanding construction environments, according to Navin Shewani, regional product manager – repair, protection and performance grouts.

“BASF now also offers a complete range of MasterFlow anchoring grouts for the anchoring applications of threaded rods and reinforcement bars in cracked and non-cracked concrete,” he says.

These include the MasterFlow:

• 916AN (polyester-based) and 918AN (vinylester-based), which are used in canopies, boilers, safety barriers, and machinery and satellite dishes:

• 920ANS (epoxy acrylate based-styrene free), used for anchoring rebar, heavy machinery and rolling cranes in cracked and non-cracked concrete in tropical climates;

• 932AN (pure epoxy - 1:1) for higher loads offering a fire resistance of F 240; and

• 936AN (pure epoxy - 3:1), which is suitable for diamond-drilled holes.

The complete range of MasterFlow anchoring grouts has been tested and certified by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (Leed), he adds.

Meanwhile, the MasterFlow cementitious grout family features high-flow, high-strength metallic aggregate grouts with dual-phase shrinkage compensation to ensure long-term performance.  They boast zero shrinkage and resistance to fatigue and vibrations; and are capable of handling tensile, shear, compressive and dynamic forces.

These include flowable and dry packable low-strength grouts that are suitable for all types of general-purpose grouting activities, and are highly versatile. Other offerings in this range include high-strength grouts for installation of heavy equipment, non-hydrogen-generating cable grouts for specialist installations, and grout additives which allow the production of high-quality shrinkage-controlled grouts on site.

The MasterFlow line also includes resin grouts that comprise high-flow thin-section grouts for machine bases, where high strength gain and fast return to service are crucial, says Shewani. These can be extended with aggregate to allow thicker pours where necessary, making them convenient for installation of critical heavy equipment.

“Convenient to apply, the MasterFlow range comes with a complete system support of experts from BASF. We also provide injection grouts for stopping water ingress, vibration dampening grouts for light rail and tramways,” says Shewani.



Meanwhile, for tiles, BASF Master Builders Solutions offer a comprehensive range of high-performance tile and natural stone adhesives, designed for various tiling and natural stone needs across the Gulf region. The MasterTile range is locally formulated to perform to the highest standards whilst maintaining good workability even in the hot summer months, according to Shane Arbuckle, Gulf manager of performance flooring and tiling systems.

He elaborates: “The MasterTile range is perfectly complemented by Master Builders Solutions’ range of MasterTop screeds, under-tile waterproof coatings, cement and epoxy-based grouts and matching silicone sealants. BASF has also recently introduced a natural stone sealer called MasterTile 333 and the Wabo range of control joints for tile and natural stone.”

He says the MasterTile range has been the preferred choice of many clients, consultants, designers, contractors and applicators across the Gulf region for more than 20 years. “The high-performance product range has been utilised in many of the region’s iconic buildings, hotels, airports, shopping malls and residential developments, proving over time that it pays to choose a trusted brand like Master Builders Solutions from BASF for your construction projects,” he remarks.

Furthermore, to complement the MasterTile grout range, BASF offers its Silcoferm S silicone sealant (part of the MasterTile range) which is available in a wide range of colours. It is a single-part, neutral curing silicone rubber sealant suitable for filling flexible joints between all types of tile and natural stone. It is odourless, therefore ideal for application in closed rooms and contains fungicides, preventing mould and mildew growth.

Silcoferm S has been tested for decontaminability and meets the hygienic and microbiologic requirements for use in dust-free environments such as operating rooms, the pharmaceutical industry and canteens.

BASF’s Construction Chemicals division offers advanced chemicals solutions for new construction, maintenance, repair and renovation of structures.

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