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Habitat in Oman ... set to be a world-class destination.

Habitat in Oman ... set to be a world-class destination.

Oman set to get new Habitat in 2022

October 2019

Work on Habitat, a new community located in the heart of Oman’s capital Muscat, is progressing well and on track for completion in the first quarter of 2022, according to its developer Tasmim,

 A vibrant, 75,000-sq-m mixed-use development, Habitat is the result of a joint-venture partnership between Omani conglomerate Shanfari Group of Companies and European architecture company Mandressi created to transform Al Khuwair’s Plot 190 into a world-class destination.

Being in close proximity to important landmarks in the city and barely 20 minutes from Muscat International Airport, Habitat is set to become an important lifestyle destination in the sultanate by offering an integrated community living experience with 44 retail spaces, 118 luxury offices, 44 apartments and duplexes, and one panoramic restaurant.

 Strategically located in the key residential and commercial growth corridor of Al Khuwair, the landmark will comprise premium quality apartments, offices and a shopping mall developed in a distinct but connected manner on the site’s unique topography, to drive both an aesthetic and emotional appeal for the community.

 The majority of Habitat’s one- to four-bedroom apartments and duplexes (97 to 322 sq m) will overlook picturesque mountains or sea, and will have spacious rooms with premium fittings.

 The ultra-modern apartments will feature the finest amenities, which include a fully-equipped kitchen and bathroom, private terrace, all fitted with high-quality materials.

 For the commercial sector, Habitat will offer flexible office spaces (58 to 295 sq m) for any type of company; and will come with the latest technology, an efficient work-space design, fibre-optic connections, dedicated parking spaces and valet parking, says the developer, adding that the project’s design, air quality, and naturally lit office space will help boost productivity.

 Habitat’s shopping mall will spread over three floors and and comprise 19,000 sq m of dedicated indoor and outdoor retail spaces, providing an ideal location for gyms, day-care facilities, coffee shops and supermarkets that are planning to make a foray into Al Khuwair, says the developer.

“Habitat is a result of a vision that was born to bring in an unrivalled living, working and entertainment destination to the heart of the city,” says Alessandro Daverio, CEO from Tasmim.

 “Now, we are on the cusp of untapping the potential of a site, which had a stand-alone office building, as one of the largest living, working, retail and entertainment projects in the sultanate. This development will not only serve as an economic engine, but will also create a one-of-a-kind, mixed-use community living destination for present and future generations to enjoy,” states Daverio.

“The Retail District as well as our other commercial offerings have been designed to cater to visionary brands and companies who demand a globally competitive store or workplace; with an innovative design and outstanding amenities to attract and retain customers and a talented workforce, respectively,” he adds.

 Habitat’s masterplan brings together several progressive and innovative ideas. The vibrant mix of residences, offices, and a shopping mall, bound together by a coherent open space, allowed the design team to create an ambitious project that pioneers several design initiatives to promote well-being.

 The design also looks to utilise Shanfari Group of Companies’ products.

Jan-Willem Krijgsman, the project development manager at Tasmim, says: “We are creating a new paradigm for how people and companies will work, as well as live and enjoy time with family and friends. Through Habitat, it is our aspiration to push the boundaries of design and construction and introduce a model of urbanism, centered on people.”

 “As one of the first true mixed-use community living developments of scale to come to Al Khuwair, Habitat will bring next-generation offices, residences and a shopping destination, together with beautifully landscaped open spaces, world-class dining, shopping and entertainment offerings,” he adds. 

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