Barai has taken delivery of a Renault K460 T6x4 truck.

Barai has taken delivery of a Renault K460 T6x4 truck.

Barari upgrades with Renault K heavy trucks

August 2019

Barari Natural Resources, a leading forest management company in the UAE, has taken delivery of three new Renault Trucks K to add to its existing fleet.

Having purchased its first Renault Trucks – the K440 T6x4 – in 2017, Barari Natural Resources has now upgraded to the latest models, one K460 T6x4 and two K440 P6x6 trucks. Among the reasons that these robust models were chosen was the fact that they boast a high ground clearance with an approach angle of 32 degrees, perfect for their work in forest management.

The K heavy construction range is equipped with the latest features and technology. Fitted with 13-litre engines, they offer a capacity of 120 tons and have automated transmission along with all wheel drive (AWD) capabilities that deliver full power to all the wheels, that are said to make them ideal for heavy-duty use and strengthening the models’ abilities to tackle off-roading in the UAE’s tough terrains.

Ghassan Fares, head of procurement at Barari Natural Resources, says: “We have been extremely impressed not only with the performance of our first K440 T6x4 truck, but also with the great aftersales service of Al Masaood and the company’s excellent long-term warranty. These factors made Renault Trucks the natural choice when we decided to expand our fleet of trucks.”

The new trucks return low fuel consumption figures, making them some of the most environment-friendly options in the market, in keeping with Barari Natural Resources’  brand values.

“We were also impressed with the new trucks’ fuel efficiency, which made them even more attractive as we are continually looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint,” Fares added.

Mohamed Zeftawi, general manager of Al Masaood Commercial Vehicles & Equipment (CV&E), says: “Al Masaood has been an icon of the UAE automotive market for over four decades. Being the sole distributor for Renault Trucks in Abu Dhabi has helped us to deliver our service excellence and our major clients now range from government departments and civil defence through to industrial and commercial organisations.”

“Our decades of experience in the UAE’s automotive sales and after-sales market has allowed us to provide our customers with the highest professional standards of service. In addition, the heavy-duty trucks equipment we now have at our disposal comprises the right fleet of sustainable and environmentally friendly vehicles and we look forward to fully supporting Barari Natural Resources in the months and years ahead,” he adds.  

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