Panorama ... excellent alternative to solid wood floors.

Panorama ... excellent alternative to solid wood floors.

Deco’s bamboo decking is resistant, robust

August 2019

Déco, an Italian company specialising in floor coverings, has launched Panorama, an excellent alternative to solid wood floors to provide functional and stylish outdoor areas.

According to a company spokesman, technological research and a focus on the evolution of materials is what led Deco to expand its product portfolio, with Panorama being the new collection of bamboo boards for exteriors, designed to meet the new, ever-increasing demands of modern projects.

“Originating from Asia and Latin America, and very widespread in Africa as well, bamboo is a material which, thanks to its qualities of lightness, durability and versatility, has for some time now attracted the attention of architects and engineers, who are more and more often turning to it for use in their state-of-the-art projects and applications,” he says.

Panorama bamboo decking ... eco-sustainable solution.

Panorama bamboo decking ... eco-sustainable solution.

In the field of exterior flooring, bamboo is becoming highly popular thanks to its multiple advantages.

“Panorama bamboo decking is extremely resistant and robust. Moreover, it is an eco-sustainable solution, giving an elegant, exotic look to spaces while delivering exceptional technical performance, thanks to the excellent axial stability that this unique technology is able to offer,” the spokesman says.

Bamboo is extremely low in weight and highly versatile. Its flexibility allows it to absorb vibrations effectively, and its resistance to water allows its use even in damp areas.

Panorama boards have been subjected to heat treatment to make them more stable, boosting their durability, and resistance to humidity and fungi. After the bamboo is harvested, its properties are altered through a special thermo-treatment process at 200 degrees Celsius to make it more compact and stable, protecting the surface and guaranteeing longer life.

Thanks to the thermal compression treatment and high density, the essence of the material is not at risk of torsion and is therefore weatherproof, maintaining its natural property for years.

The slats – available in light and dark hues – are perfect for the home as well as for environments subject to wear and tear such as around swimming pools, seafront and places subject to extreme weather conditions.

“An exceptionally versatile material, Panorama bamboo is an excellent solution for exterior flooring, such as terraces, patios and walkways. It is also excellent for applications where water is present, as poolside areas and decking for beaches, since it is extremely resistant to humidity and adverse weather conditions,” the spokesman says.

Moreover, its features mean it can also be used for covering the facades of buildings.

The Panorama collection is also in line with Déco’s focus on the environment. It is made using a renewable resource, harvested without causing deforestation. In fact, bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, where one section can be harvested while the other continues to grow, he points out.

The boards of the Panorama collection are made from 100 per cent recyclable material.  

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