Etihad Museum ... featuring ACO’s Multiline channels with cast iron gratings.

Etihad Museum ... featuring ACO’s Multiline channels with cast iron gratings.

ACO drainage solutions tackle the challenges

August 2019

Germany-based ACO, a global leader in sustainable surface water management systems, offers a wide range of standard or customised solutions designed to address the challenges posed by the region’s harsh weather conditions.

The company, which specialises in the design, development and implementation of drainage systems, says its solutions can be applied to public spaces, sports arenas, private areas, roof gardens, and for nature conservation and environmental protection.

Peter Rossen, managing director of ACO Systems FZE in Dubai, the regional Middle East office of the ACO Group, says: “The creative and constructive challenges of contemporary landscape architecture are manifold. Our design and technical support team is geared to provide assistance and propose solutions.”

Subramaniam, the division manager for external drainage at the company, says ACO’s high-performance solutions are specifically designed for construction projects, whether it is façades, an open space or other outdoor applications.

“For instance, for water features or fountains, which are extremely popular in parks and gardens, ACO offers individual systems made from stainless steel and featuring slotted or covered channels,” he says.

“Water features on many inner city squares are a pulsating attraction,” adds Subramaniam. “Hardly anyone can fail to be fascinated by artificial cascades, watercourses, and fountains. Water levels with and without water play increase the recreational value, provide variety, and are meeting places as well as resting zones.”

For such highly sophisticated water features or fountains, ACO offers individual systems that ensure the secure circulation of water.

For this region, ACO has a specific water re-use technology, where used water in urban premises can be recycled and used for irrigation of nearby gardens. This gives the option of running a complete water management loop that is aesthetic, functional and ecologically effective.

ACO’s comprehensive range of solutions also covers other drainage applications. For example, the company’s point drains and channels prove an effective solution for roads and yards and areas that must be dewatered due to structural or terrain-dependent conditions.  Its manhole covers and point drainage top sections offer complete solutions for roads and site drainage, where the top sections and manhole covers cater to all load classes.

For landscaped areas, ACO has drainage systems and components for sports areas, games and leisure facilities, ensuring they remain functional all year round.

Additionally, solutions are also available for drainage applications around private homes. These include self-yard drains, self-drainage systems, drainage of facades, terraces, roof and gardens.

With regard to facades, Subramaniam says: “Facades are constructionally-sensitive areas and must be sealed off well so that no moisture can penetrate the building from the outside. Facade connections on horizontal surfaces such as terraces, roof gardens, balconies or other sealed outdoor spaces are, therefore, important points to consider in planning.”

ACO, he says, offers a system as parts for building drainage to ensure safe façade and terrace drainage, which fulfils all the technical requirements.

Furthermore, the company also provides intelligent solutions for wooden terraces as well as green roofs.

ACO has provided drainage systems for landscaped areas of many major projects, including Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi; Bluewaters Island, Four Seasons Hotel Jumeirah Beach and Nikki Beach Resort at Pearl Jumeirah, Royal Atlantis at Palm Jumeirah, Etihad Museum, and Expo 2020 Dubai projects in Dubai; and other landscaping and infrastructure projects in the UAE.

In Saudi Arabia, it has supplied drainage systems for the Princess Noura Bint Abdulrahman University, King Abdullah Financial City, King Fahad Plaza, all in Riyadh; and other prestigious hotel projects.

In Kuwait, special road drainage systems have been provided for the infrastructure of Kuwait City and drainage for numerous landscaped areas and hotel projects.

In Bahrain, ACO has supplied road drainage for the Alba Interchange, North Manama Causeway and other infrastructure projects.

In Oman, drainage systems have been delivered for many new mosque projects, the Royal Cavalry project in Salalah, Kempinski and Plaza Hotels and for the Royal Opera in Muscat.

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