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CMCI uses quality technology for polyurea coating.

CMCI uses quality technology for polyurea coating.

CMCI to supply VIP solutions in kingdom

January 2019

Dammam-based Construction Material Chemical Industries (CMCI), a reliable name in the market for the supply of high quality construction chemicals, has formed partnerships with both local and international companies to supply one of the most distinguished brands in the polyurea industry.

Hand-in-hand with Taqnia Advanced Materials (TAM) – part of Taqnia (the Saudi Technology Development and Investment Company) established in June 2011 – CMCI sensed the need for polyurea technology in waterproofing and weather protection both in governmental projects as well as in the private sector, according to Engineer Ehab Qiblawi, CMCI’S technical and specification manager.

“With this increasing demand, CMCI-Taqnia signed a distribution agreement with UAE-based VIP-Delta to supply the full range of VIP’s polyurea coating solutions, including pure and hybrid, aliphatic and aromatic, and high pressure and low pressure products,” he says.

He adds this wide range of products will provide an ideal solution for any kind of application in the construction and industrial sectors.

Starting in 1983 as a trading venture in Starnberg, some 30 km from Munich in Germany, Voelkel Industrial Products (VIP Coating Solutions) is today an icon for competence and top quality in the world of industrial adhesives and coatings. In addition to high quality industrial and automotive adhesives, VIP supplies more than a dozen grades of pure and hybrid polyurea formulas and polyaspartic coatings, in addition to spray machines and conducts applicator training courses.

Qiblawi says polyurea elastomeric coatings is the first solution a professional thinks of, not only for standard waterproofing applications like foundations, tanks, roofs, and wet areas, but also for other applications, such as the internal lining of bulletproof steel doors, blast-proof structures, military applications, production lines, shipping containers, aqua parks and theme parks, lagoons and artificial lakes, tunnels and many more.

“Such a niche elastomer is now being used in other industries, such as truck beds lining as well as for houses and swimming pools,” he adds.

The history of CMCI goes back to 1984 when Khalifa Al Gosaibi Holding Group established the company in the First Industrial City of Dammam. It grew with the increasing demand and expanded both its production capacity and product range. Today, CMCI has three manufacturing plants in Saudi Arabia that meet both local requirements and those in the markets of the Middle East.

CMCI has been supplying the full range of construction chemicals, from concrete admixtures, high-performance waterproofing systems, superior epoxy mortars, adhesives and coatings, and grouts, to specialised protective coatings, high-quality joint sealants, comprehensive concrete repair systems and a wide range of floorings.

It has state-of-the-art testing equipment and production lines to manufacture its quality products that meet the highest international standards.  

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