Dynapac rollers ... being used by Abdul Hadi Al Afoo on road projects in Bahrain.

Dynapac rollers ... being used by Abdul Hadi Al Afoo on road projects in Bahrain.

Dynapac rollers work on key roads

January 2019

Abdul Hadi Al Afoo Company has recently procured Dynapac rollers, which it has deployed successfully on a number of road and infrastructure projects in Bahrain.

“We have purchased Dynapac rollers –single drum and tandem – which we have been using recently,” Ibrahim Al Afoo, chairman of Abdul Hadi Al Afoo Company, tells Gulf Construction magazine.

Al Afoo adds the machines were supplied by Gulf Equipment & Technology (GET), Dynapac’s agent in Bahrain, which has been providing the company with a good level of after-sales support.

“We also have a strong historical relationship with GET for a number of years. The Dynapac brand is well known and we are looking to increase our fleet of compaction range in the near future,” he adds.

Abdul Hadi Al Afoo Company has been using the rollers for a number of its key road projects for the Roads Directorate of Bahrain’s Ministry of Works.

Commenting on the machines, Al Afoo says: “We have been using the machines for our road works and their performance is perfect and meeting our project requirements.”

Bahrain-based Abdul Hadi Al Afoo Company is one of main contractors which is carrying out work for several of Bahrain’s directorates including the water distribution, water transmission, sewerage and drainage, electricity and roads directorates.

The company undertakes installation of water mains, water distribution networks, house connections, fixing of water meters and all associated works. It also installs fencing, boundary walls and implements all types of civil engineering works.

Besides these government jobs, Abdul Hadi Al Afoo Company also undertakes services for private road contractors and other agencies.  

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