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 Volvo machines at the demo area at the Volvo Days event in Sweden.

Volvo machines at the demo area at the Volvo Days event in Sweden.

Volvo showcases its prowess, innovations

September 2015

A Volvo Construction Equipment flagship event gave guests, including those from the GCC, an insight into its heritage and expertise.

Volvo Construction Equipment’s (Volvo CE) customers in the EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) region were shown the company’s latest products in action and given the chance to test drive them at a flagship event held in Sweden, recently.

Volvo Days, the most significant annual event in Volvo CE’s calendar which has been a tradition since 1958, returned this year to demonstrate new products and strengthen relationships with customers and dealers. The event allowed guests to explore Volvo products and services by machine range and segment – from Volvo CE as well as Volvo Trucks, Volvo Penta and Volvo Financial Services. It was held from June 11 to 26 in the Swedish town of Eskilstuna, where Volvo CE made its beginnings in 1832.

Volvo Days 2015 aimed at reinforcing the Volvo Group’s commitment to innovation, as well as providing long-term and environmentally-sustainable solutions for customers.

“Volvo Days is our chance to give our guests a real insight into the Volvo brand, its heritage and the expertise behind our machines,” says Tomas Kuta, president of Volvo CE EMEA region.

“We are constantly developing our facilities and test-driving capabilities in order to remain as the industry leader in this field,” he adds.

The event, which showcased many of the 64 machines (excluding trucks) available at the customer centre in Eskilstuna, provided guests with opportunities to test drive and visit several factories, such as the wheel loader plant in Arvika or the articulated hauler plant in Braas.

In the excavator category, the event saw the launch of the EC140E and EC180E while new models showcased included the EC220E, ECR235E, EW160E, EW180E and EC380E HR. Other machines on show were the EC350D and EW205D for the less regulated markets.

New launches in the wheel loaders category included L60H, L70H and L90H, and L90GZ and L120GZ for the less regulated markets.

Kuta ... insight into the Volvo brand.

Kuta ... insight into the Volvo brand.

In compact equipment, the new models included EC18D, EC20D and L28FZ. For road construction, the event saw the unveiling of the SD115B alongside the demonstration of two new machines – DD105 and DD25B – and the SD130 for less regulated markets. Also showcased were articulated haulers, machines for quarries and materials handling including the L350F, special application solutions, engines and Volvo Trucks.

This year’s edition saw 2,100 customers join the event – 64 from the Middle East, with a large proportion (over one-third) having arrived from Saudi Arabia. There were also 20 customers from Volvo Trucks Middle East.

Commenting on the Middle East participation, a spokesman for Volvo CE says: “The customers were impressed that Volvo CE can deliver whole machines, including various attachments and a tiltrotator from the factory. When test driving, the customers were particularly impressed by the hydraulics of the excavators – how fast and soft they are at the same time.”

Some of the machines that were rolled out and put into action included:



In the spotlight in this category was the special-edition model Volvo Ocean Race EC220E, a class-leading crawler excavator. Since its launch this year, this excavator has stood out in the marketplace for its class-leading fuel efficiency, says Volvo CE.

The EC220E comes complete with a productivity-enhancing Steelwrist tilt rotator and bucket control system, Leica/Scanlaser GPS (global positioning system) machine control system and CareTrack Anti-theft protection, as well as tinted heat reduction glass, a textile floor mat and a high-performance sound system for a comfortable and enjoyable work shift.

Style was another major consideration in the design of EC220E. The aluminium frame provides a practical and attractive way to secure additional LED (light emitting diode) lights, while the glamorous Volvo Ocean Race livery instantly makes it the star of any fleet.



The L90Gz and L120Gz wheel loaders in the G series from Volvo CE feature load-sensing hydraulics, a powerful and durable Z-bar linkage and a perfectly-matched powertrain – ready to increase productivity even in the most demanding conditions.

They come from a long line of productive, fuel efficient wheel loaders. Building on a legendary reputation dating back to 1954, these machines are equipped with proven, advanced technology designed to deliver superior lifting and breakout forces in even the toughest of conditions, says a spokesman for Volvo CE.

Each machine is built with an ideally-matched all-Volvo powertrain, designed to work together in perfect harmony for optimised performance. Equipped with powerful Volvo engines, these machines offer high torque at low rpm to ensure low fuel consumption.

The L90Gz and L120Gz are built for an efficient, smooth performance. Fully Automatic Power Shift ensures optimal operation by adjusting machine gears in line with parameters including engine and travel speed, for comfortable gear changes and fast cycle times. Oil-cooled, wet disc brakes on the front and rear axles deliver superior braking performance for smooth control and a long service life.

Alongside outstanding power and durability, the L90Gz and L120Gz offer superior operator comfort for an enjoyable and productive work shift.

To ensure the operator has all the necessary information and diagnostics for optimal performance, the Volvo Contronics system continuously monitors and records machine operation in real-time. Information including fuel levels and warning messages is relayed via the display in the cab.

The exceptional design and superior durability of the L90Gz and L120Gz is enhanced by the excellent range of Volvo attachments engineered to work in perfect harmony with Volvo wheel loaders. These purpose-built buckets have been developed as an integrated part of the machine, constructed from high quality materials including wear-resistant steel in the most exposed areas.


The L350F wheel loader ... suited for quarries.

The L350F wheel loader ... suited for quarries.


The updated Volvo L350F wheel loader provides the ultimate in comfortable productivity particularly in quarries, says the spokesman. New updates from Volvo CE further enhance this versatile machine, increasing operator comfort and offering improved safety and maintenance features. “Now in its seventh year of production, the L350F is working in approximately 50 countries and is a highly productive machine and a trusted partner in a variety of heavy-duty applications,” he says.

The L350F’s new heavy-duty operator’s seat offers air suspension, a high back and head rest. For further ease of operation, the entrance to the cab has been redesigned to allow the operator to enter the machine via steps over the rear tyre fenders. A new intelligent hot shutdown system helps the operator to avoid shutting down the engine when it is too hot, reducing the risk of encountering the ‘hot engine shutdown’ error message.

The options range for the L350F has also been updated, offering new additions to further enhance safe operation and machine performance. These options include long-life LED work lights and reflective stickers that follow the machine contours, increasing machine visibility when working in dark conditions.

Volvo CE currently employs around 2,000 employees in Eskilstuna, which is also home to the headquarters of EMEA region, responsible for sales and marketing in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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