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Creek Marina at Creek Island Dubai ... 81 berths for yachts and superyachts.

Creek Marina at Creek Island Dubai ... 81 berths for yachts and superyachts.

Creek Marina set for year-end launch

September 2018

Leading developer Emaar is set to launch one of the world’s finest city-harbour getaways, the Creek Marina, in the heart of Creek Island Dubai – the premier residential and leisure district of the 6 sq-km mega development, Dubai Creek Harbour – by the year-end.

A joint venture between Emaar and Dubai Holding, the Dubai Creek Harbour features world-class hotels, green parks and gardens, several cultural attractions, canals, lush parklands, landscaped promenades, pedestrian walkways, cycle paths, and city bus routes.

Creek Marina, a one-of-its-kind waterfront destination, will boast spectacular views of the Downtown Dubai skyline as well as Dubai Creek and will be home to elegant residences, landscaped parkland, gourmet restaurants, cafes and entertainment venues.

It will also be home to the Vida Harbour Point, a 286-room upscale lifestyle hotel similar to harbour hotels in cities such as Singapore and Shanghai.

Creek Marina is set to open this December, even as preparations are ongoing to welcome the first residents in Dubai Creek Harbour early next year. Several construction milestones have been achieved on the various residential developments in Dubai Creek Harbour (see UAE Focus).

“Nearly three-fourth of a kilometre long and about a quarter wide, the Creek Marina is billed to be the new Riviera of the Middle East. With its oyster design, a throwback to the city’s rich pearling history, it will serve as a refreshing new leisure destination for visitors to Dubai from all over the world, and residents in Dubai Creek Harbour,” says a spokesman for Emaar.

According to him, the new development will boast a capacity of over 81 single- and double-berths and will feature a dedicated world-class yacht club with an impressive array of shopping and dining facilities. Facilities such as fuelling services, upgraded power outlets and pedestal units will ensure smooth sailing for all throughout the year, he notes.

Creek Marina will also offer a selection of high-end retail, dining and leisure venues. Its vibrant promenade has aesthetically designed shaded resting areas constructed using environment-friendly, sustainable elements. In an elegant double-shell shape, the shelters are designed to provide shade and thermal comfort.

Super-thin and lightweight, these structures have a minimal base footprint making them appear to float effortlessly above the ground. They also require minimal maintenance and help reduce energy consumption, says Emaar. 

Other highlights of the project include a gravity-defying interactive fountain, world-class art installations, a sculptural viewing deck and three intertwined ring walkways at the Creek Marina Terminus, and over 1,500 parking spaces.  

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