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Dynapac machines at work on the Rimah Road project.

Dynapac machines at work on the Rimah Road project.

Saudi road contractor to expand Dynapac fleet

August 2018

Turuq Najd, a road construction contractor based in Saudi Arabia, is looking to boost its fleet of Dynapac machines to handle the increasing number of jobs it is handling on the expansion of the country’s road network.

The contractor has been using Dynapac equipment for more than 20 years on several challenging projects. One such project is the Rimah Road at the ministry complex in Riyadh.

On the project, which is in the finishing stages, Turuq Najd has employed a range of compaction and paving equipment to help speed up work. When completed, the road will connect all the ministries in Riyadh city, according to Feras Assaf, executive manager of Turuq Najd.

The company currently has a fleet of 30 pavers and rollers, most of which are Dynapac models, acquired through local dealer Medco. These machines include asphalt pavers, soil rollers, pneumatic rollers and various sizes of tandem rollers.

Assaf said these machines have been integral to the success of all of Turuq Najd’s projects related to asphalt work, soil compaction and infrastructure work.

“We have found that our Dynapac machines provide high performance and flexibility with low cost of maintenance,” he remarked.

Citing an example, he says once there was a need to use a paver with a 10-m working width and a paving thickness of 40 cm, and his company could only execute the job with the Dynapac machines in its fleet.

“With an expanded fleet, we will have the capability to handle more jobs in the future, considering Saudi Arabia has announced major road expansion projects,” concludes Assaf.

Turuq Najd has recently completed several prominent projects in Saudi Arabia, such as the King Abdul-Aziz Air Base in Tabuk, Alraim race track road, National Guard compound roads and Haradh road.  

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