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Signify launches solar innovations

August 2018

Signify, a global leader in lighting, is introducing Philips SunStay, an integrated solar street light, and Philips LifeLight, an innovative solar lantern, in Saudi Arabia, key Far Eastern countries and on the African continent.

Philips SunStay combines solar panel, luminaire, charge controller and battery in one housing. This makes it compact, easy to install and maintain. It also helps save on cabling costs, reduces the carbon footprint and lowers overall capital and operational expenditure, says the company. With an output of 2,000 and 3,000 lumens and an efficacy of 175 lm/W, SunStay is more efficient than existing solar street lights, it says.

Philips LifeLight is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and is designed for people in off-grid communities. The lantern comes with a USB port for charging phones and other devices –  a widely appreciated feature. The second generation LifeLight has a new replaceable battery to extend its life further.

Goktug Gur, president and chief executive officer of Signify business in the Middle East, Turkey and Pakistan, says: “As one of the fastest growing and most sustainable segments in public lighting, solar lighting is making a noticeable difference in rural areas and provides a much safer option to fuel-based lighting. In the Middle East, almost seven per cent of all carbon dioxide emitted is caused by lighting; solar lighting is a far more energy efficient solution.”  

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