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Whirlpool rolls out a new cool operator

August 2018

Whirlpool Corporation, a global leader in home appliances, has launched its new 3D Cool air-conditioner that boasts a three-dimensional dual fan for maximising its cooling performance and delivering exceptional energy efficiency.

Equipped with Whirlpool’s revolutionary Zen Sleep and 6th Sense Technology, 3D Cool air-conditioners are designed to meet the highest standards of quality in the region, and are rated Six Star for their energy efficiency, says the manufacturer.

“The intelligent power-saving system is designed to help consumers spend less on electricity bills and more on things that benefit them,” says a spokesman for the company. “The 3D Cool Xtreme cooling technology installed in the air-conditioner offers even greater cooling at maximum temperatures of up to 60 deg C with a dual fan compressor that maintains the desired temperature and provides a cool and comfortable atmosphere at all times.”

With the 3D Cool air-conditioner, customers can enjoy an enhanced sleep cycle, as it self-operates, thanks to the 6th Sense intelligent six-touch control, says the spokesman.

“When you press the 6th Sense button on the controller, the built-in sensor tracks and evaluates the ambiance of the room. Based on its readings, it determines the type of functions that need to be operated (heating, cooling, ventilation or dehumidification) in order to deliver the optimum temperatures required for you to relax,” he explains.

The 3D Cool air-conditioner, he states, features a 3D fan that can pull and cool the air to pump it back up to 39 ft, ensuring immediate cooling throughout the room.

“It also features wider air openings that can pump air more quickly. Another feature of the air-conditioner is the distribution of cool air in all directions, thanks to the 4DXpert Airflow technology, which is designed in a modern and innovative way,” he adds.

For more uniform air diffusion, it incorporates four multi-directional air vents.

Other unique features include the self-cleaning system and Lytic Enzyme Hepa filters that remove 99.9 per cent bacteria and random particles from the air in just 24 hours. In its cooling or dehumidification mode, the system removes moisture from the air and re-uses it to wash dust and grease off the evaporator, according to the spokesman.

When the air-conditioner is turned off, the self-cleaning system automatically switches to the heating mode to dry the evaporator. By preventing the proliferation of mould and bacteria, this safeguards the hygiene of the home and helps save energy too, he adds.  

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