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Kanoo unit ventures into fluid controls segment

July 2018

Kanoo Automotive and Industrial Equipment (KAIE), part of Bahrain-based Ebrahim K Kanoo, has diversified its portfolio and ventured into the Fluid Control Solutions business recently.

The company has partnered with many renowned global brands to cater to the in-demand segment that includes pumps, valves, chemical dosing systems and steam products. These products have a wide range of applications in residential and commercial buildings, and in the potable and waste water, industrial, oil and gas, and power plant segments.

Having recognised the potential of this line of business, KAIE’s team – headed by sales manager Sudhindra Kalibhat – has been working on developing it since last year.

“Bahrain has, in the past years, seen a significant growth in urban development, and in its commercial, infrastructure, industrial, and oil and gas sectors. These sectors require various elements of our fluid control solutions and services,” Kalibhat told Gulf Construction’s ABDULAZIZ KHATTAK.

Kalibhat ... venturing into new business areas.

Kalibhat ... venturing into new business areas.

KAIE provides different types of pumps including booster, transfer, horizontal centrifugal, submersible and dewatering pumps, and can meet the specifications of various projects including skyscrapers, intelligent buildings, large-scale plants and industrial facilities.

Beside pumps, these applications also require valves which KAIE also caters for with an application-based gate, globe, check, butterfly and needle valves to suit the specific project requirements.

In the steam products category, KAIE offers steam traps, condensate recovery systems, pressure-reducing systems, pressure and temperature control valves and steam pipeline accessories, which are used in processing, food manufacturing, hospitality, power plants and oil and gas industries, among others.

Also part of KAIE’s portfolio will be actuators and chemical dosing systems, which have various engineering applications in a number of industries.

Last but not least are accessories for these systems. KAIE will offer pipe fittings, including dismantling joints, universal couplings and joints, flanges, gaskets, expansion joints and flange adaptors.

According to Kalibhat, KAIE has already zeroed in on some suppliers that offer top quality brands, in line with Kanoo’s high standards. Products will be acquired from all across the world.

“KAIE is known for its service and maintenance and its team will leave no stone unturned in this new business in order to offer our customers the very best products and service,” he said.

Early this year, KAIE moved into a dedicated building with larger office space in Tubli. Covering 26,910 sq ft, the new KAIE building brings the company’s entire team under one roof. There is four times as much space for the showroom and much more space in the offices and warehouse in order to cater to the growing demand for high quality industrial and automotive equiptment.  

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