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Autocall fire detection systems ... wide application range.

Autocall fire detection systems ... wide application range.

Autocall can address complex challenges

July 2018

Johnson Controls, a global diversified technology and multi-industrial leader, has announced the regional launch of Autocall, a brand of fire detection systems offering a full range of solutions and the industry’s latest addressable technology.

Autocall products are now available for purchase and shipment through Johnson Controls and Tyco Fire and Security offices throughout the Middle East.

Autocall systems are flexible enough to meet the unique challenges of nearly any situation – from small, simple projects to the largest, most complex campus environments, says the company.

Powerful system capabilities, as well as a full range of options, also allow Autocall to be tailored for a wide array of applications in the petroleum, oil and gas, industrial and commercial sectors, it states.

 “The Autocall TrueSite Workstation, a PC-based graphical command centre, simplifies system monitoring and puts management of the entire system at the customers’ fingertips,” says Andrew Blate, the vice president and general manager, Global Fire Detection Products, Johnson Controls. “Its high-resolution graphical display shows the locations of events on both a campus-wide map and individual building floor plans. The TrueSite Workstation Mobile Client puts all the key features and functionality of the TrueSite Workstation onto Apple or Android mobile devices.”

Autocall systems feature the most advanced fire detection technology available today, remarks Blate. “Solutions like revolutionary self-testing and addressable notification appliances can help ensure the client’s system is in peak operating condition while virtually eliminating disruption from notification appliance testing,” he adds.

Compact and highly efficient LED notification appliances meet the latest NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) requirements and Autocall speakers have the clarity to get the message out during an emergency and play background music during normal operations.

 According to Blate, the Autocall brand complements Johnson Controls’ comprehensive, integrated offering of fire protection, security, energy management, building automation and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) systems.

The Autocall line can be seamlessly integrated into any or all of those systems. In addition, Johnson Controls and Tyco Fire and Security offer extensive training for Autocall, along with easily accessible 24/7 technical and application support. Systems also meet local building codes, and Autocall control panels have all the necessary agency approvals, he states.

 “But Autocall isn’t just about codes and standards. Lives are at stake, so we deliver products that allow our customers to rest easy knowing their people and their buildings are protected by one of the most reliable fire detection systems,” he concludes.  

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