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GCC rail ‘to be ready by 2018'

September 2015

The GCC rail network project is set to be completed and operating by 2018, at a cost of more than $15.4 billion, according to a report.

 It will have a total length of 2,117 km extending through all the GCC countries from and Kuwait City all the way to Muscat in Oman, said the Kuwait Times report.

It also includes a planned link between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia by a bridge, while the trains will be diesel-powered.

With each of the GCC countries responsible for building and costs of establishing the rail link within its borders, the collective GCC rail sector is expected to spend $200 billion as the six member countries  aim to complete the integrated GCC-wide network by 2018.

The rail network plan is part of a larger drive to increase infrastructure projects across the GCC which were forecast to exceed $86 billion last year.

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