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November 2017

Firm to boost pilgrim facilities

Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) is preparing to launch Rou’a Al Haram, a development company set to increase facilities and services for pilgrims and visitors to the Grand Mosque.

Rou’a Al Haram will act as a catalyst for developing the areas around the holy sites and raising the quality of services in the local hospitality sector.

The first phase of the company’s projects will cover an area of 854,000 sq m, delivering 115 buildings of various architectural designs. A total of 70,000 new hotel rooms will enable the site to receive 310,000 visitors per day.

In addition, the first phase will see the development of around 9,000 residential units, 360,000 sq m of commercial space and prayer areas designated for more than 400,000 worshippers.


Thales inks rail maintenance deal

Thales, a global technology leader for the aerospace and transport sector, has won a two-year contract from the Saudi Railway Company (SAR) to maintain the signalling, telecommunication and electromechanical systems of the 2,400-km-long Northern Train project.

This contract also includes the transfer of knowledge to SAR teams. The Northern Train project is the longest railway in the world equipped with state-of-the art technology signalling and communications systems, the ETCS  Level 2.

The project, currently in operation, involved the construction of 2,400 km of track, sidings, yards, depots, stations and administrative facilities of the two lines. SAR transports passengers from Riyadh to Qurrayat, in addition to minerals from the mines in the northern and central regions to the processing and export sites on the Arabian Gulf.


Wasco launches waste sorting unit

The Waste Collection and Recycling Company (Wasco) has inaugurated a state-of-the-art waste sorting in Al Ahsa.

The facility will have the capacity to sort approximately 750 tonnes of waste per day and consists of an integrated sorting station.

The project consists of an integrated waste sorting station, which processes inputs from the waste weight station through all the various sorting stages. It also contains the waste press station to process output once the sorting process and the equipment transfer has been completed.

The site includes a large-scale waste treatment department (which handles large waste such as furniture), while the facility also contains accommodation for the workers, a maintenance workshop, and an administrative building. The site is equipped with all the necessary safety amenities. 

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