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Quality checks ... a key element at API.

Quality checks ... a key element at API.

API aims for acoustic excellence

November 2017

Noise pollution in buildings is one of the construction industry’s most widely debated subject matters, and has the power to hamper one’s experience of space, comfort, and overall quality of life, says Advanced Plastic Industries (API). API, a prime manufacturer of high-quality plastic pipes and fittings, offers a new brand, ApiSilence, as a solution that boasts excellent acoustic properties, while saving money and time, upon installation.

“Increasingly high expectations, especially in the luxury hotel and residential sectors, leave no room whatsoever for water-related acoustic noise,” says Tatiana Abou Chedid, the company’s marketing manager. “This is especially true in hotels, where tranquility and relaxation are sought. A noisy plumbing system can ruin a stay, lead to unfavourable reviews, and affect overall occupancy rates. Furthermore, wrongly installed pipework can produce intolerable levels of noise that will ultimately result in abundant complaints and costly repairs.”

ApiSilence presents a piping system that is manufactured using the finest mineral-reinforced polypropylene for use in drainage and wastewater applications, and fully complies with the most stringent noise damping requirements of today’s relevant standards, such as DIN 4109, as a high quality silent piping system; and VDI 4100 (17 dB at 4 litres per second), as a Level III sound-insulating system, she says.

“It provides outstanding acoustic properties against airborne and structure-borne sounds, and is light in weight, easing the structural load on buildings, and facilitating its handling,” Abou Chedid adds.

Elaborating on ApiSilence’s features, she says its low surface roughness significantly reduces scaling and corrosion. “Its pipes and fittings are strong, tough, and possess high resistance against impact and mechanical strains, even at sub-zero temperatures. The system offers high chemical resistance, making it safe to use with the widest variety of cleaning detergents, as well as elevated temperature resistance.”

Given that API prioritises environmental protection and sustainability, ApiSilence provides an eco-friendly product line that is recyclable after its lifetime, Abou Chedid says. “Its installation requires no solvents, and therefore no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), while its manufacturing process eliminates the use of heavy toxic metal stabilisers. The system is an excellent material choice in sustainable building practices,” she points out.

ApiSilence ... outstanding acoustic performance.

ApiSilence ... outstanding acoustic performance.

ApiSilence is specifically designed, via an innovative multilayer piping technology, to provide high sound insulation through thinner pipe walls, while being of lighter weight, and ensuring greater flow when compared to other products on the market.

The outer and inner layers of the pipe are compounded from natural PP-B (polypropylene block-copolymer) and a distinct halogen-free, flame-retardant additive, to provide additional protection in exposed drainage applications, or in case of fire. This combination has been carefully crafted to provide high resistance to flame propagation, without the use of bromine and fluorine chemicals, which are notorious for producing toxic and corrosive fumes when a fire breaks out, Abou Chedid points out.

Explaining the reasons behind such impressive acoustic properties, she says: “The middle layer of the pipe is a compound of polypropylene with specialty heavy minerals. Advancements in mineral-filling technology provide increased density for sound absorption, and optimal mineral particle size for sound wave dissipation. The elastic nature of the plastic internalises and inhibits vibrations caused by flowing water, and provides less sound emission throughout the entire pipe system.

“The fittings are also manufactured from a mineral-reinforced polypropylene compound, which possesses unique properties to provide optimum noise cancellation, and rigidity in connections. Fittings play an integral role in sound absorption, specifically at directional changes and connections.

“The ApiSilence range benefits from a push-fit connection mechanism, using elastomeric seals. The seals prevent leakage and backwash, and compensate for minor misalignment during installation. The seals also eliminate the need to use chemicals for adhesion during installation, such as solvent cement. Due to their significance, the rubber seals employed are tested and certified in accordance with the requirements of EN 681.”

The push-fit system is an innovative and secure solution that allows for easy installation, eradicates the need for special heavy tools and machinery, making it safer to install in closed spaces, and saves time and cost, Abou Chedid says.

API facilities ... state of the art.

API facilities ... state of the art.

Aligned with API’s track record of excellence, ApiSilence’s test results fulfil the requirements of all relevant standards; they are below the maximum allowable sound levels for their corresponding criteria, she adds.

The ApiSilence product range is available in a variety of sizes (from 50 mm to 160 mm), making it suitable for a broad scope of applications, such as hospitals, hotels, educational institutions, nursing homes, and residential and commercial buildings.

ApiSilence extends its advantages to developers – who will offer better value to their clients, to contractors – who will enjoy the ease of installation, and to end users – who will benefit from the quieter ergonomic environment, she points out.

“The silent range is an optimal product line that will surpass clients’ expectations,” she remarks.

API keeps abreast of developments in the global construction industry, and expands its range to bridge all gaps in piping requirements for the building sector. Today, it has a broad network of trusted partners around the world who share its values of constant innovation, superior quality, and client satisfaction, and is continuously seeking to extend its leadership to additional export markets.

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