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The Omega60 actuator plate ... minimalist elegance.

The Omega60 actuator plate ... minimalist elegance.

Geberit solutions create harmony

November 2017

Geberit offers complete sanitary solutions, whether it is for a resort or a luxury home, taking into consideration all aspects including aesthetics, innovative smart solutions, water conservation, and hygiene.

The Swiss company’s WC systems offer everything that is needed for a safe sanitary installation: Its invisible concealed cisterns create more space in the bathroom and lend an elegant appearance; its clever flushing solutions and water-saving conversion sets reduce water consumption; and elegant actuator plates or the innovative Geberit Monolith sanitary modules for WC set design accents. And with the AquaClean WC, Geberit has set the hygiene standards of tomorrow.

These complete solutions for WCs combine design and function perfectly through well-proven Swiss quality, according to a company spokesman.

Citterio ... features the Clou system.

Citterio ... features the Clou system.

Geberit actuator plates enhance the bathroom environment through their convenient, state-of-the-art sanitary features. “The actuator plates are the perfect wall termination of the bathroom installation over the invisible concealed cisterns, which are nowadays practically the standard in modern sanitary facilities,” says the spokesman.

“The WC flush actuation uses touchless mechanisms, and feature elegant colour schemes.

“Thanks to the soft-touch buttons, all it takes is a gentle touch to create an exceptionally quiet flush actuation – ensuring that everyone can stay sleeping peacefully,” he adds.

These actuator plates are available in many attractive design lines and can harmonise with any bathroom concept, he says, adding the surface-even plates lie flush with the wall surface, preventing any disruption in the harmony of the design. Their minimalist elegance not only allows them to fit in beautifully with the latest design trends, but also makes them the perfect choice for even the most sophisticated bathroom fixtures.

Some of the actuator plates offered by Geberit include the Omega60 flush surface even-actuator plate, which is small – only 184 x 114 mm in size – and made of durable die-cast zinc; and Sigma60 that offers a sleek and minimalist appearance with a streamlined design that has no protruding edges, enhancing the feeling of spaciousness in the bathroom.

For the protection of ceramic appliances, Geberit has developed KeraTect, a protective glaze that ensures a beautiful surface, optimal hygiene and ease of cleaning.

The glazing product, which is a standard in the Geberit Citterio and Geberit Xeno2 bathroom series, gives an extremely smooth, almost non-porous surface. This super-smooth surface prevents staining and dirt from sticking, thus offering a long-term protection with a high-gloss effect.

Geberit’s WCs also include the odour extraction unit – DuoFresh – that ensures freshness in the bathroom by extracting unpleasant odours directly in the WC ceramic appliance. The odour extraction unit is started at the touch of a button and switches off automatically.

Meanwhile, to achieve a perfect washbasin, Geberit has designed the washbasin connector Clou – a prerequisite for modern design washbasins without an overflow hole – which is used in the Geberit Citterio and Geberit Xeno2 bathroom series.

“The advantages of the Clou system are that it doesn’t leave any concealed place where bacteria and dirt can hide; it offers an easy-to-clean smooth ceramic surface; and it eliminates the risk of overflowing,” says the spokesman.

To complement these products, Geberit offers aesthetic bathroom furniture, which is produced using high-quality and moisture-resistant wood-based materials, he adds.

These include washbasin cabinets, and a range of semi-tall and tall bathroom cabinets for virtually any room layout as well as illuminated mirror elements and mirror cabinets in a matching design series.

“Many clever details, such as the spatial arrangement of compartments and drawers or lighting, create practical storage space and enhance the comfort and convenience offered by modern bathrooms,” the spokesman concludes.

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