The Big 5

Dubai Sustainable City ... PalDuct PIR installed.

Dubai Sustainable City ... PalDuct PIR installed.

Focus on green products

November 2017

Regular at The Big 5 show in Dubai, Kingspan Insulation in the UAE will be participating again this year to showcase its ductwork insulation products in the new HVAC-R dedicated hall.

According to managing director Sarmad Fahkri, Kingspan Insulation is promoting its pre-insulated ducting solutions including KoolDuct, PalDuct PIR, PalDuct Hydro, PalDuct Eco, and PalDuct Phenolic system. Also on its stand will be samples of Kooltherm FM duct insulation, which is a phenolic insulation that can be used to insulate galvanised sheet steel ductwork systems; and Kooltherm FM pipe insulation.

Fahkri says Kingspan’s products are some of the most widely tested and certified insulation products in the world. Its phenolic ranges Kooltherm, KoolDuct and PalDuct Phenolic have both exceptional thermal and fire performance, he adds.

The Four Seasons Hotel on Al Maryah Island ... uses PalDuct Hydro pre-insulated ducting.

The Four Seasons Hotel on Al Maryah Island ... uses PalDuct Hydro pre-insulated ducting.

“Kingspan’s KoolDuct System was the first pre-insulated phenolic HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) ductwork product to be UL listed as 1 Class 1 Air Duct to UL 181 safety standards. Currently, it is also the only product in the world that is verified by Smacna as an acceptable alternative to the Smacna Phenolic Duct Construction Standard. We won Manufacturer of the Year award for the product in 2016,” he says.

Kingspan’s PalDuct PIR, PalDuct Hydro and PalDuct Eco have a fibre-free and closed cell insulation core providing a lightweight solution with low thermal conductivity and low air-leakage.

Fahkri says this year the company is focusing on the new regulations that will be implemented in 2018 and products that comply with them – the market trend is towards products which comply with the Dubai Al Sa’Fat green building evaluation system, he adds.

He continues: “As part of Kingspan’s initiative to be a responsible manufacturer, the Dubai manufacturing plant has installed a pentane tank to ensure its PIR products are manufactured with a blowing agent that has zero ozone depletion and low global warming potential.

PalDuct Hydro System ... showcased last year.

PalDuct Hydro System ... showcased last year.

“In addition, our production plant has doubled its production capacity of PalDuct Hydro, which is CFC- and HCFC-free. We are committed to developing products with the needs of the market in mind – especially those that will reduce the impact of the construction industry on the environment.”

Kingspan has supplied to many projects in the Gulf, including Burj Al Arab in Dubai, where its Kooltherm FM duct insulation and Kooltherm FM pipe insulation were installed; 500 townhouses and villas in Dubai Sustainable City (PalDuct PIR); Four Seasons hotel on Al Maryah Island in Abu Dhabi, UAE (PalDuct Hydro pre-insulated ducting); as well as the St Regis Amman in Amman, Jordan (PalDuct Phenolic pre-insulated ducting).

Kingspan Insulation is a global manufacturer of premium, high-performance insulation products and systems for building fabric and building services applications. Its pre-insulated ductwork solutions offer lightweight and low air-leakage alternatives, cutting carbon emissions and decreasing costs.

Kingspan Group was among only 113 companies in the world to achieve CDP’s Climate A List. Its second successive year on the ‘A’ list was achieved through its aims to reach net-zero energy use at its facilities by 2020, with renewable energy use across more than 90 manufacturing sites forecast to account for 57 per cent of its consumption in 2016.

Kingspan Insulation can be visited at Stand Z5 B107, at The Big 5.

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