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Terrablock employed at the Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds, the UK.

Terrablock employed at the Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds, the UK.

Hesco barriers offer high security

August 2017

Hesco, the UK-US collaborative manufacturer of defensive barriers and body armour, has launched a new range of surface-mounted security barriers: the Terrablock.

Engineered and tested to deliver hostile vehicle mitigation and deter unauthorised access, the barriers range has been designed to be rapidly installed across diverse environments, enhancing existing security measures as well as enabling institutions, events and businesses to maintain operations in response to an ever-changing threat.

The development team behind Terrablock includes security and military specialists working closely with end-users and testing centres to create a product that blends into the built environment, reassures the workforce and general public, and most importantly delivers safety and security to deter sabotage and mitigate threats.

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FROM TOP: Terrablock XS, XV and XT ... Hesco’s next-gen security barriers.


Adam Wilding-Webb, director of high security at Hesco, says: “This next generation of Hesco security barriers build on our extensive experience in protection and a deep understanding of how to respond to changing threats. The modular design of Terrablock provides the ability to easily and effectively upgrade site and event security in response to changing threat levels, whilst minimising the installation impact on the workforce and environment. The importance of having the right solution is paramount.”

The Terrablock product range includes five designs ranging from a low barrier for crowded public events, engineered to stop attacks using vehicles as a weapon, to an anti-climb M50P1 crash-rated barrier that can stop a 7.5-tonne truck travelling at 80 kmph.

Hesco security barriers were successfully deployed at the London 2012 Olympics and over the past five years these have been further developed to see the launch of Terrablock in response to security challenges now faced, creating a unique security barrier, integrating earth-filled vehicle barriers and climb-resistant weld mesh panels.

Hesco Terrablock has been used to protect oil and gas infrastructure, and most recently event space and public arenas such as the Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds in the UK.

Commenting on the installation of Terrablock XL, Andrew Brown, Royal Armouries, says: “Since the installation of the Hesco barrier, staff and visitors have expressed that they feel more reassured and safer for its presence. The installation team where incredibly patient, making sure this truly was a solution for our needs and the build was fast with no disruption to our business.”

Hesco Terrablock is a patented range of surface-mounted, high-security barriers, designed, engineered and tested to deliver hostile vehicle mitigation and deter unauthorised access. The combination of an integrated vehicle barrier and climb-resistant weld mesh panel enables rapid installation through a single, surface mounted system, removing the need for foundations, giving users the ability to upgrade security in response to changing threat levels, with minimal disruption to operations.

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