Arab Future Cities to feature blockchain panel

July 2017

The topic of blockchain and the smart city will be covered in an interactive panel discussion at the upcoming fourth annual Arab Future Cities Summit in Dubai, UAE.

Organised by global conference producers Expotrade, the summit will be held on October 30 and 31.

Four industry experts from SmartWorld, NXN Group, and Booz Allen Hamilton Mena will engage in a discussion that will look at how blockchain can help Dubai achieve its smart city objectives.

Data breaches and cybercrime is a pressing concern, with sensitive data being targeted by hackers every other day. Reports indicate that the global cost of cybercrime will reach $2 trillion by the year 2019. Data security and the need for a tamper-proof technology is paramount. To increase security, organisations are turning to blockchain – the digital ledger technology that makes Bitcoin work. Blockchain is expected to change the world of the finance, healthcare and transportation industries; of late it has also been used in the smart city sector.

With governments across the globe undertaking initiatives and programmes to make cities smarter, the blockchain technology has gained more momentum. To make the vision of smart cities a reality, a gigantic amount of ‘real-time’ data from multiple sources within the city is needed. Organisations and government entities alike are relying heavily on blockchain technology to protect data, eliminate security breaches and provide seamless transactions.

In line with its smart city vision, Dubai government’s initiatives cover diverse aspects including transport, communications, infrastructure, electricity, economic services and urban planning.

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