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Maco’s Multi Trend tilt-and-turn fitting ... easy to handle.

Maco’s Multi Trend tilt-and-turn fitting ... easy to handle.

Maco enhances door hardware

June 2017

Mayer and Co Beschläge (Maco) of Austria has given a new dimension to windows with its premium tilt-and-turn fittings called Multi Trend.

The leading manufacturer of premium door, sliding unit and window hardware has launched the system as well as its Protect multipoint locks for doors on the Middle East, Africa and India markets.

With Multi Trend hardware solutions, windows are aesthetically enhanced and provide the best operation, according to the  company.

“Multi Trend fulfils all the tilt-and-turn requirements to the satisfaction of users and fabricators. It makes windows easy to handle, attractive, functional and fast in fabrication,” a company spokesman says.

The modular technology offers all these possibilities and benefits in one single programme. Manufactured from one basic group of hardware parts, the windows allow functions to be easily adjusted and expanded by just adding a few components. This enables the window to stand out from the rest and meet individual customer requirements, the spokesman says.

Efficient fabrication is guaranteed by using a standard range of window hardware, not only for the sash but also for the frame. 

Furthermore, fabricating many different window styles does not require a lot of different tools. “With Maco’s hardware, system fabricators have all kinds of options and possibilities for efficient fabrication, with just one hardware system. This facilitates work progress and results in longer lasting windows for clients,” the spokesman says.

Single sash windows with variable handle sizes range from 500 to 2,350 mm in height and 400 to 1,300 mm in width.

“The reliable product quality of the Maco turn-only and tilt-and-turn hardware is reflected in our 10-year performance guarantee. Durability has been verified according to QM 328 and RAL-GZ 607/3,” he adds.


Maco doorlocks with different hook and bolt combinations.

Multipoint door-locks

Meanwhile, Protect, Maco’s wide range of door lock solutions, meet all customer requirements. It complements the door with an impressive lock design, durable functions and quality. 

The spokesman says the door lock systems offer the highest possible security by the clever combination of intelligent security elements such as the security roller cams, steel hooks and bolts or hook-bolt combinations to prevent forced entry.

Other features include optimised acoustics and thermal protection. “Impermeability and sound insulation are its secret, thanks to the even gasket-compression over the entire door height,” he says.

The Protect module doorlock, Z-TS, with its multifunctional hardware can be customised for any main door. Clients can choose from three ways of locking, tailormade for what they need. Maco offers as standard the hook-and-bolt combination but due to the uniform lock case, hooks such as bolts can be used alone. Regardless of which locking point version is used, only one combination striker is required.

The Z-TS offers three or even more latches to hold and secure the door in the frame. Its modular system is adjustable in height; the lock case is supplemented by a variable upper locking point and a multi-point locking system which can be lengthened or shortened. The sash can extend up to 2,650 mm in height, ensuring full variability when adapting to different door heights.

Moreover, thanks to the continuous faceplate, installation on either side of the door (left and right) is possible. Locking solutions can be provided for single-sash and two-sashed entrance doors and can be used with timber, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or aluminium.

The spokesman says these standardised doorlocks with few module variants and compact, easy-to-store modules are easy to process. They reduce handling effort and costs as well as storage space. 

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