The T40.180SLP ... high lift telehandler.

The T40.180SLP ... high lift telehandler.

Bobcat’s eleven

June 2017

Bobcat has launched a new range of rigid frame telehandlers for the construction and rental industries with a three-year warranty as standard.

With the new launches, Bobcat now offers a choice of 11 new telehandler models covering maximum lifting capacities of between 2.6 and 4.1 tonnes with lifting heights from 6 to 18 m. The machines are manufactured at the company’s plant at Pontchâteau, France.

Elaborating on the new models, a spokesman for Doosan Bobcat says they are designated using a new naming system showing lifting capacity/lifting height performance at a glance, such as the TL26.60 and TL30.60 compact telescopic loaders; TL35.70, T35.105, T35.105L and T36.120SL middle lift telehandlers; T35.130S and T35.140S rental industry-oriented telehandlers; and T35.130SLP, T41.140SLP and T40.180SLP high lift telehandlers.

The TL26.60 and TL30.60 are available with two different overall machine heights with a cab that can be mounted in two different ways – in a low position that results in the very low 2.1 m height or a higher position to optimise visibility.

Meanwhile, the TL35.70, which replaces the TL470, has an improved load chart providing an additional 500 kg (total 3,500 kg) of lifting capacity at the maximum lifting height of 6.97 m.

The new generation telehandlers are available in versions for markets with non-regulated emissions such as the Middle East and Africa, where high performance is ensured by Perkins Stage IIIA/Tier Three diesel engines, providing plenty of power and torque even in the most difficult ground conditions, says the spokesman.

The new generation telehandlers also incorporate several new features such as an automatic parking brake with an intuitive operation similar to those used in the automotive industry, providing greater safety and control.

Other advanced features include an optional air dual suspension seat, an optional auto fan inversion, a rotating beacon/back-up alarm as standard and cushion retract on the three TL models. The new optional fan system with automatic inversion is electronically controlled to adjust rotation speed depending on the temperature, which results in energy savings. 

The operator is provided with an ergonomic array of machine controls all within easy reach, including a forward/reverse (FNR) control button on the joystick, a digital display, an adjustable steering wheel and an integrated airflow solution.

There are also a number of tried-and-tested smart operating features still offered as standard, such as SMS (Speed Management System), which allows the travel speed to be adjusted independently of the engine speed; and the SHS (Smart Handling System), which allows the speed of the boom movements (lifting, telescoping and tilting) to be adjusted for the type of work being carried out. 

Other features include the AFM (Auxiliary Flow Management), which allows the hydraulic output to be adjusted to match attachment requirements and to set a continuous flow; and FCS (Fast Connect System), which provides quick and easy interchange of hydraulic attachments via an integrated pressure-release system.

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