Enhanced performance ... the BF90.3 S4 can undertake the most challenging tasks.

Enhanced performance ... the BF90.3 S4 can undertake the most challenging tasks.

Crushing excellence

June 2017

MB Crusher’s flagship crusher bucket has always been a hit with clients. It’s fourth generation BF90.3 S4 now offers even higher productivity.

MB Crusher has further improved its flagship crusher bucket, rolling out a more powerful and updated fourth generation BF90.3 S4 model for the construction and recycling market.

The BF90.3 was the first crusher bucket in the world; and was patented. Extremely compact and versatile, it was designed to resist the most challenging conditions on any site.

The BF90.3 has been continuously updated and made more powerful over the years. It still remains suitable for all crushing operations, even the most challenging, and maintains the same results in terms of performance with all types of inert material.

MB Crusher has been amazing the market with new ideas and high-performance products showcasing its capacity and professionalism, says a company spokesman.

The Italian company has maintained its leadership for more than 15 years, not just by increasing its range of products but also by constantly upgrading and enhancing its line. “This is only one of the reasons why MB Crusher is the market leader for crushing and recycling,” he says.


Exactly a year on from the last update, the BF90.3 S4 has been optimised to allow:

• An increase in productivity, thanks to a functional restyling of the internal structure of the machine which allows for an increase in productive performance, strength and improved reliability in terms of stability and working precision;

• Increased options for the regulation of materials output;

• A reduction in standard maintenance time, thanks to an integrated centralised greasing system; and 

• Increased resistance and performance, even in the most extreme operational conditions, thanks to higher levels of power and the strengthening of parts and sections subject to the most stress and wear.

The company’s focus on “revolution and innovation” present a continuous challenge for improvement,” says Diego Azzolin, head of production at MB, which continues to develop the latest generation products that offer unmatched performance.

He says MB’s research and development department has in fact always aimed to surpass clients’ expectations and set new goals for the company’s machines. Furthermore, the company uses the feedback provided its clients – who take advantage of the full potential offered by MB’s high-performance products in the widest range of applications – to study and update its machinery. 

“The strength of MB lies in the satisfaction of its clients,” he adds.

Founded in Italy in 2001, MB Crusher is globally present via a network of eight branches, logistic centres, dealers and authorised workshops. All of the stages of design, production and sales are handled at the brand-new headquarters in Fara (Vicenza), Italy, for a product that is 100 per cent ‘Made in Italy’.

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