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New Atex pump prevents air locks

May 2017

Australian Pump Industries has released a new high-capacity, self-priming diesel fuel transfer pump with an Atex flameproof rating.

“The self-priming benefits make this unique pump ideal for mine sites, earthmoving contractors and marine fuel transfer,” says a spokesman for the Australia-based manufacturer, which is commonly known as Aussie Pumps.

Called the B3XRA-Atex, the big pump delivers a maximum flow of 1,500 litres per minute with a maximum head of 31 m. The pump is self-priming, unlike regular centrifugal pumps, with the ability to operate even with depressions of air inside the pump, thus preventing air lock. 

“Instead, the air and diesel fuel can be mixed together at the impeller. The air can then separate from the fuel which continues to circulate, pulling air out of the suction line until the pump is primed,” explains John Hales, the company’s chief engineer.

According to Hales, these self-priming centrifugal fuel pumps are much simpler than gear or vane pumps.

“As the impeller turns, it creates a vacuum. Atmospheric pressure then allows the fuel in the tank to push it into the suction line and into the pump,” he continues. “The self-priming facility means the pump can draw fuel up from a vertical head, something a normal centrifugal pump simply can’t do.”

Seals are viton/carbon/alumina as standard, and are compatible with pumping diesel fuel and light oils. The B3XRA is powered by a flameproof heavy-duty motor with IP55 protection. The motor is Atex-certified.

Like all Aussie pumps, the B3XRA-Atex is flameproof and is manufactured in accordance with Atex standard 94/9/CE II 2G EX D IIC T4.

The high-flow, high-performance fuel transfer pump is suitable for mine sites, earthmoving contractors, transfer of marine diesel fuel or feeding large generation plants. It can also be used for waste oil collection. 

“The Atex-certified flameproof motors are designed for transferring diesel fuel oil in hazardous environments,” says Hales.

“The new pump is one of a complete series to be introduced in our range of fuel handling equipment over the coming months,” he concludes.

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