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The 7/41 HA ... offers options, including an integral 6 kVA generator.

The 7/41 HA ... offers options, including an integral 6 kVA generator.

Small size, more power

May 2017

Doosan’s new 7/53 HA portable compressor replaces its predecessor and has been built with the Middle East market in mind.

Doosan has launched the new 7/53 HA as the latest addition to its range of small portable compressors, replacing the previous 7/51 HA model.

The 7/53 HA compressor has been redesigned so it remains in the Stage IIIA category, avoiding the need to transition to meet Stage IIIB regulations and ensuring it is ideal for use in the Middle East market, says a company spokesman.

Elaborating on the model, he says: “The new 7/53 HA portable compressor supplies 5.0 cu m per minute of compressed air and is powered by the four-cylinder mechanical turbo-charged Yanmar liquid-cooled 4TNV84T-BMDP engine producing 36 kW (49 hp) of power at 2,600 rpm.”

Like all the other models in the range, the 7/53 HA compressor can be supplied with a range of running gear options to meet local market requirements. The running gear can also be replaced with a permanent metal support – typically ordered when the compressor is to be truck-mounted, he says.

The 7/53 HA compressor offers a reduced size, with a length of 3,389 mm in the fixed-height, running gear version and a minimum-maximum height of 3,520-3,770 mm with adjustable height running gear. It also has a width of 1,432 mm, a height of 1,301 mm. 

Additional new features include integral forklift slots and increased fuel autonomy.

According to the spokesman, Doosan’s portable compressor range is one of the most comprehensive for the Middle East and Africa market and includes a wide selection of small Stage IIIA/Tier 3 models, including the 7/20 and the high ambient 7/26E HA, 7/31E HA, 7/41 HA and 7/53 HA models, with free air deliveries from 2 to 5 cu m per minute (70-177 cfm) and a rated operating pressure of 7 bar (100 psi).

These small compressors are aimed at a very wide range of applications in plant hire, construction and general industry, including standard pressure applications such as powering breakers and tools in road repair, demolition and refurbishment.

Like all Doosan compressors, they are built to withstand the rigours of everyday applications in the toughest conditions. In addition, small portable compressors from Doosan can be equipped with a ‘bunded base’ option for environmental safety, providing a fully contained base to ensure that all operating fluids (fuel, oil and water) stay within the compressor. 

The 7/26E HA, 7/31E HA, 7/41 HA and 7/53 HA models offer a number of important options, including an integral 6 kVA generator, which increases compressor flexibility by supplying electrical output in addition to compressed air. As a result, electric tools or other electrical equipment such as lights and fusion welding systems can be run in parallel with pneumatic equipment. 

Furthermore, all Doosan small portable compressors have an intuitive, simple key-start sequence, ideal for construction and rental companies because of the reduced risk of machine abuse by untrained operators. The user-friendly control panel offers an open layout of instruments and warning indicators. A folding lift bail reduces the risk of theft by keeping the lifting eye within the compressor enclosure and a built-in toolbox compartment offers ample storage space.

Doosan small compressors are easy to service, with all maintenance points carefully designed for ease of inspection, maintenance and repair. Service intervals for several components have been extended to increase uptime and reduce maintenance costs.

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