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Maco systems ... provide high security.

Maco systems ... provide high security.

Maco brings high-quality solutions

May 2017

Mayer and Co Beschlage (Maco), an Austrian manufacturer of door and window hardware that recently started operations in Dubai, UAE, is promoting its burglar-resistant hardware and security components that make it a pioneer in security. 

Among the products it offers is the Multi turn-and-tilt hardware, Maco rail systems, Maco Protect multi-point locks and Maco Emotion window handles.

Maco manufactures the well-known turn-and-tilt opening sequence that consists of a central locking system, iS (intelligent security) security roller cams and sash lifter. It allows for additions of more Multi single components with extra functions. For the burglar-resistant version of the window units, Maco offers iS security striker plates instead of the standard striker plates, which are provided to the desired burglary-resistance grade. 

Maco lift/tilt and slide rail systems for ceiling-height, large-format units cater for large opening widths and smooth operation. Even multi-sashed designs are easy to slide. These systems open up the space and provide almost ‘flush to floor level’ access.

“Whether lift and slide or slide and tilt opening, Maco provides a full range of the highest quality from a single source, including drive gear, rollers, gasket tracks and thresholds. The hardware is suitable for PVC (polyvinyl chloride), timber and timber/aluminium,” said a spokesperson for the company.

Meanwhile, Maco Protect includes a wide range of door lock solutions. Features such as the iS security roller cams, steel hooks and bolts or hook-bolt combinations prevent forced entry from outside. Optimum sound and heat insulation and innovations such as modern access control systems ensure maximum comfort and security, he said.

The company also offers the Maco Emotion window handle that is easy to operate and comes in a wide range of colours, making it stylish part on the window. Its attractive shape allows the handle to fit perfectly in the hand to open, tilt and close the window. 

Founded in 1947 and headquartered in Salzburg, ‘Maco – made in Austria’ has long since established itself as a synonym for quality without compromise and premium products. 

“Its innovative, user-focused solutions highlight Maco’s pioneering role in the area of burglar-resistance, surface treatment and premium hardware functionality,” the spokesman added.

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