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The Super 1603-3 ... an all-rounder wheeled paver.

The Super 1603-3 ... an all-rounder wheeled paver.

Size is no issue with super Vogele paver

February 2017

Vogele has proved with its Super 1603-3 wheeled paver that innovative paving technology is not a matter of size. Thanks to its compact dimensions and Pivot Steer, the Dash 3 machine in the Universal Class is highly manoeuvrable and suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Using the Vogele ErgoPlus 3 operating concept, the paver comes with numerous convenient and automated functions, making it easy and safe to operate.

Furthermore, the Super 1603-3 can now also be paired with the AB 480 TV extending screed in addition to the AB 500 TV. From its basic width of 2.55 m, the AB 480 TV is hydraulically infinitely variable up to 4.8 m. The pave width can be increased to 6.3 m with 75 cm bolt-on extensions. The AB 500 TV is hydraulically infinitely variable to pave widths from 2.55 m to 5 m. It achieves a maximum width of 7 m with bolt-on extensions.

According to a company spokesman, the user-friendly ErgoPlus operating system, which has already proved its practical value on job sites, has been enhanced with useful supplementary features for the Dash 3 generation. It is now equipped with a new, high-contrast colour display ensuring good readability even in poor lighting.

He says the machine concept of the Dash 3 generation focuses entirely on “lower consumption – lower emissions – lower costs”. The Vogele EcoPlus low-emissions package combines a number of individual measures that distinctly reduce the fuel consumption and noise levels.

The 1603-3 combined with the AB 480 TV screed.

The 1603-3 combined with the AB 480 TV screed.

The Super 1603-3 is equipped with a modern, powerful and reliable diesel engine. A large cooler assembly ensures that the power unit always delivers its full output. With innovative air routing and a variable-speed fan, temperatures are continually maintained within the optimum range, significantly extending the service life of both the diesel engine and the hydraulic oil. A further advantage is that the machine can operate without difficulty in all climatic conditions worldwide.

The high-traction wheeled Super 1603-3 paver is optionally available with all-wheel drive (six by six). It offers an ideal combination of high paving performance and maximum mobility during transport.

A bypass circuit on the paver allows hydraulic oil to reach its optimum operating temperature very quickly. This in turn permits rapid, fuel-saving operation of the paver. If the oil temperature rises above the optimum level of 50 to 70 deg C, a bypass diverts the oil through the cooler assembly.

To ensure a constant supply of mix that is essential to produce a level and high-quality pavement, Vogele has developed the PaveDock Assistant for its Dash 3 generation of pavers. This exceedingly efficient system greatly facilitates communication between the paver operator and the driver of the feed vehicle, and ensures that the mix is supplied to the paver safely and without jolts.

Super 1603-3 achieves greater mobility with Pivot Steer steering brake, which lowers the speed of the rear inner wheel, reducing the paver’s turning radius to a minimum of 3.5 m. The function can be activated in “Job Site” mode for both forward and reverse travel, increasing the manœuvrability on congested job sites.

AutoSet Plus offers two handy automatic functions: the Repositioning and Transport function makes it easy to continue the work when changing between job site sections or after the paver has been transported. The automatic function for paving programmes, on the other hand, allows the operator to store specific programmes in the paving process. The values for the compacting systems (tamper and vibrator speed), the height of the auger, the position of the tow point rams, the pressure for Screed Assist and the pave speed can be saved on the display of the paver operator’s console. The set crown and the temperature of the screed are also recorded. 

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