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Actros ... 20 years edition.

Actros ... 20 years edition.

Special edition Actros truck launched

February 2017

Mercedes-Benz Trucks Mena, with Emirates Motor Company (EMC), its authorised distributor in Abu Dhabi, recently launched a special edition Actros truck in celebration of the model’s 20th anniversary.

The launch event included a live demonstration of the Actros 3844 S 6x4 tractor-head model and of its state-of-the-art equipment and innovative safety systems by Mercedes-Benz driver trainers from Germany and the training and product management team of Daimler Commercial Vehicles Mena.

Powered by a fuel-efficient six-cylinder engine (Euro 3) boasting 435 horsepower and 2,100 NM of torque, the heavy-duty truck delivers great performance thanks to the power transfer to the two driven rear axles via a twin-plate clutch and the reliable and efficient 16-speed Mercedes PowerShift automated gearbox.

Mercedes PowerShift provides specific driving modes that support the driver in mastering all traffic situations with ease and convenience. Accident prevention is also assisted by the Bluetooth radio enabling hands-free use of a mobile phone whilst driving. The truck’s FleetBoard telematics system provides not only vehicle tracking, trip recording and professional fleet management, but also continuous analysis and rating of driver and vehicle performance, enhancing the operational excellence of the truck.

Further specifications include the powerful engine and transmission cooling system, air intake on the upper side of the cab and a tandem air cleaner that provide outstanding robustness and reliability even under the region’s extreme climate conditions. The Actros 20 Years Edition also features a performance-optimised hydraulic retarder, an additional braking system ensuring highest levels of braking performance with no wear of brakes and brake linings.

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