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Rolling shutters fitted with the S6 accessory package.

Rolling shutters fitted with the S6 accessory package.

Hormann enhances flexibility of rolling doors

January 2017

The Hormann Group has introduced an extra accessory package for its DD rolling shutters in the Middle East.

This S6 optional accessory package is aimed at enhancing flexibility and easy fitting with the direct drive operator. It is fast and reliable and perfect for use with Hormann’s Decotherm curtain, says the German manufacturer of doors and gates.

With a powerful FU operator, the shutter benefits from soft-start, soft-stop technology and can perform up to 30 door cycles per hour. Hormann’s popular Light Grille is integrated into the side guides to ensure safe operation, even at high closing speed.

The narrow aluminium side guide comes with an optional steel bracket fastening for insulated building openings or fitting, by welding in steel construction.

Darius Khanloo, the managing director at Hormann Middle East and Africa (MEA), comments: “In terms of logistics support, the high opening and closing speeds with the S6 accessory package enhance the operations and reduce heat loss. The stackable packaging units also optimise transport and logistics functions.”

In addition, the L-pads on the curtain’s interior minimise noise and wear when the door is in use and can significantly extend the working life of the shutter.

The company has also launched the Dobo System, which allows docking of a truck or trailer while its doors are still closed.

The new system is in contrast to the conventional loading systems of Hormann MEA. Once in the unloading position at the dock, the warehouse doors can be safely opened. Until that time, the goods remain well-protected inside the vehicle. For additional safety, the driver can safely dock without exiting the vehicle, minimising the risk of accidents in the danger zone between the vehicle and ramp.

In addition to safety considerations, the Dobo system is described as being the ideal solution for hygienic transport, to ensure uninterrupted cold chains, lower energy costs, enhanced security and theft prevention.

The Dobo system can also be implemented in conjunction with a loading house, he says.

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