The Bahrain Bayan School Primary School ... sustainable design.

The Bahrain Bayan School Primary School ... sustainable design.

School has a primary purpose

January 2017

Bids have been invited from selected contractors for the construction of the purpose-built Bahrain Bayan Primary School in Bahrain, which boasts an architecture that has been designed with children in mind.

This tender invitation follows the completion of the full detailed drawings of the project by architectural consultants Intec Bahrain.

“Intec expects to receive the tenders back in early January,” Felipe Yofre, CEO and senior architect of Intec Bahrain, tells Gulf Construction.

The project, located in Isa Town, features a single-storey circular-shaped building complex that has been carefully designed with sustainability in mind. The main circular building overlooks a central courtyard, within which are housed an enclosed library and indoor play area. Adjoining the main building is a multipurpose hall.

The project, which offers a total built-up area of 3,228 sq m, has an introspective plan accentuated by the building form.

Elaborating on the design of the project, Yofre says: “With playing being an essential part of growing up and of the early years of education, Intec has focused on creating wide corridors and open spaces to be used as play areas as well as large outdoor areas and some indoor ones to be used when the weather is too hot or too cold for the children. 

“Given the weather in Bahrain, these outdoor areas require effective shading, which the firm has introduced in a way that complements the design and blends in, rather than superimposing it on the playgrounds.

“Continuing with the ‘playful’ look, coloured glass will be used for the main corridor while curtain-walls will be installed to provide transparency and create a mixed indoor-outdoor space. For variety, wood will also be utilised to give warmth and a feel of natural materials. 

The main corridor ... playful look.

The main corridor ... playful look.

Since the building is just one storey, the use of vertical lines will add to its proportions. With the use of colour and circles being a dominant theme in the design, coloured skylights will be introduced above the classrooms, while the built-in seats between the classrooms break the long interior elevation with a hint of colour.”

Among the highlights of the project is its focus on sustainability. In line with this, the development utilises the green roof concept, which reduces heat and humidity in the area, and will harness solar energy. This will involve the installation of building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) panels, as well as solar panels in open spaces such as car-parks and rooftops to generate power.  

According to Intec, by generating its own solar power, the school can accrue annual savings of between BD8,000 and BD9,000 ($21,000 to $23,700).

Other green measures to be adopted include the installation of LED (light-emitting diode) lights; and skylights to maximise on daylighting. The air-conditioning will comprise a variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system with fan coil/ducted split room units serving different areas, which will lower power consumption. In addition, treated grey water will be used for irrigation for some areas while some lawn areas will have artificial grass to save water.

With safety in mind, Intec has proposed the use of safety vinyl flooring in the building, apart from areas such as the toilets, kitchens and stores - the colour and pattern of which will vary to enhance aesthetics based on the area’s function.


Other projects

Apart from the Bahrain Bayan School, Intec is also involved in the interior design of the Arbitration Centre, tenders for which have been received and are currently being evaluated. 

Intec Bahrain has recently seen the completion of the Yara Clinic in Budaiya, which is now operational, the Sea Villas at the health island Dilmunia off Muharraq, which are being handed over, and a private villa at Amwaj islands.

Currently on its drawing boards is a restaurant project at a prominent location in Block 338.

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