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Savio’s lift-and-slide door systems ... offer expansive views.

Savio’s lift-and-slide door systems ... offer expansive views.

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November 2016

Savio, a European leader in hardware for aluminium windows and doors, has two stalls at The Big 5 to showcase its SlideArt LS system for doors alongside other solutions. 

“More and more consumers and designers are choosing lift-and-slide doors as they offer more light, more air and more freedom of movement, significantly improving the ambiance in living spaces,” says a spokesman for the Italian company

SlideArt LS boasts the quality and beauty of stainless steel. It is designed, to maximise the advantages offered by lift-and-slide doors, allowing larger units to be created and offering sweeping views of the outdoors.

The system offers high strength, the spokesman says. ““It has been tested at 300 kg and 25,000 cycles and is able to reach 400 kg thanks to the additional carriage kit. Its stainless steel components also ensure high resistance to corrosion. These have been tested up to 1,000 hours in salt spray. For this reason, the door is ideal for the poolside and in locations where the climate is more corrosive, such as in coastal areas.

The doors are easy to manoeuvre, thanks to the perfect design and construction of the sliding components and the strong handle with a modern and elegant design, he adds.

With SlideArt LS, the threshold can be very low, perfectly adapted to those with disabilities, in compliance with the DIN 18025 standard, making access to the outdoors easier and safe. It offers freedom of movement without architectural obstacles or barriers.

SlideArt LS is suitable for most profiles thanks to its range of spacers and clamping elements, and covers a wide range of applications, including one-, two- and four-leaf fixed and mobile doors. It also comes with a wide assortment of accessories available in kits or as individual components.

Savio will be at Stands SSE96 and SSD97, Sheikh Saeed Halls.

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