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Unity ... perfect combination of functionality and design.

Unity ... perfect combination of functionality and design.

Knauf Danoline in drive to promote Unity

October 2016

Having enjoyed success in Europe with its Unity campaign, Danish acoustic ceiling manufacturer Knauf Danoline is replicating the promotional programme in the Middle East.

The product was introduced in the region through its regional subsidiary, Danogips Middle East, and some of the iconic projects that will benefit from Unity’s features in the region are the Louvre Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Aviation training centre, Amity University in Dubai, Creative Schools UAE, and Vehicle Distribution Centre in Oman, among others.

The Unity concept comprises a range of gypsum-based acoustic ceilings with perforations that run to the edge creating a highly aesthetical, unbroken ceiling surface with improved acoustic performance.  

“The product has revolutionised the way designers perceive gypsum ceilings giving versatility and newer dimensions to their interior ambience,” said Rajeev Menon, head of sales and marketing at Danogips Middle East.

In Europe, Finnish architect Teemu Nojonen from Amerikka Design Office was among the first architects to explore the design possibilities offered by Unity ceilings. Nojonen was tasked with designing an exclusive wine bar called Wine and View at Helsinki Airport, Finland. Situated in one of the busiest parts of the airport, the bar needed acoustic regulation in order to create a comfortable environment for guests to enjoy. Unity helped to transform an area of the airport bustling with activity, into a tranquil, elegant bar.     

Unity ... perfect combination of functionality and design.

Unity ... perfect combination of functionality and design.

“The Wine and View bar is a very special project that made high demands on building material functionality - not least in terms of design. It’s intended to be a place where you can get away from the noise, stress and turmoil of the airport and relax with a beverage in quiet surroundings,” said Nojonen. “The materials had to fit into that profile. We also had to take into account the high standards in an airport regarding factors such as fire prevention and easy access to installations in the ceilings. We were, therefore, looking for a multifunctional and durable building material with the right acoustic profile in relation to our design visions.”

Nojonen further said: “Unity gave us the perfect combination of functionality and design. The acoustic performance of the boards ensures that disturbing noises from the airport are not noticeable in the bar yet at the same time, the airport personnel can remove the boards for access whenever necessary.”

“Considering that the bar is located in an airport, it features an unusual amount of space and light with views overlooking the terminals and runways; we wanted to ensure all aspects of light, including the ceiling features, were incorporated in the look and design of the bar,” said Nojonen.

The Unity series covers three different perforation designs – each with its own aesthetical expression. Nojonen opted for the Unity 8|15|20 – a perforation design with varying sizes of round perforations. 

“The perforations imitate the bubbles of champagne and help create the perfect atmosphere of exclusivity and life inside the bar. The smooth white surface of the ceiling reflects sunlight and is truly a feature in itself, even at night. The overall effect is that the bar’s design contributes to the experience of being there,” concluded Nojonen.

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