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Polybit Polyscreed PU by Henkel ... multiple applications.

Polybit Polyscreed PU by Henkel ... multiple applications.

Henkel launches new heavy-duty flooring

September 2016

Henkel Polybit Industries has launched Polyscreed PU, a heavy duty polyurethane-based flooring system.

With its four water based, chemical resistant components, Polybit Polyscreed PU builds a strong, professional antimicrobial flooring system that can handle all challenges and meet the highest hygiene standards in food and beverage production units, laboratories, chemical plants, freezer rooms or meat processing plants, according to Jayanta Majumdar, head of marketing, Henkel Polybit.

“Polyscreed PU can handle any special requirements a project might have, such as extremely high or low temperature, closed area application, high humidity environment or time pressure.”

Offering the durability and strengths that usually are associated with polyurethane resins, Polybit Polyscreed PU is a non-dusty, easy to clean finish. With matt appearance and four colour options, the system not only meets high anti-slip properties but at the same time also responds to the most common design and interior fitting requirements.

Mazumdar says: “For a global building materials manufacturer, the greatest satisfaction is to witness how imposing and sustainable architectural projects arise from its products to shape the world as we know it.”

He adds: “For a world leader who wants to remain a trendsetter in its area of expertise, continuous research and innovation are not a choice, but a duty.”

Polybit is one of Henkel’s most trusted brands in the GCC region. Henkel and its brands take pride in their contribution to the construction or improvement of some of the most famous buildings in world, such as the iconic Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab in the UAE; Wembley Stadium in England; Qinling Zhongnanshan tunnel in China; or Kalinin Nuclear Power Station in Russia, to name a few.

Backed by 130 years of experience, Henkel, with its over 50,000 employees around the globe, builds leading brands and technologies that make people’s lives easier, better and more beautiful every day, he says.

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