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ParkChip technology ... next level parking.

ParkChip technology ... next level parking.

GreenParking systems change parking habits

August 2016

Having concluded a highly successful second quarter, the UAE-based GreenParking, a provider to comprehensive parking solutions, is highly optimistic of maintaining its growth trend for the rest of this year.

“In general, the market developed slowly in the first quarter but we are very happy with the development in the second quarter,” says Sam Alawiye, founder and CEO of GreenParking. “Our outlook for the remaining year is very positive. We are expecting to exceed our targets and continue the growth trend of the last few years.

“As the only one-stop shop in the Middle East for all parking solutions, we provide a full range of products and services from design, consultancy, manufacturing, supply, installations and maintenance to car park management and valet,” he says. 

GreenParking is recognised as the top parking expert in the UAE. In 2009, it won the Gulf Traffic Award for the most innovative traffic company in the region and also beat competition from 73,000 companies to earn a place in the top 100 SME companies in Dubai, ranking at number eight in 2015, he says.

According to Alawiye, the company is constantly looking for ways to improve car park management and its innovative and smart approach to managing car parks adds value to numerous prime locations in the region.

The Parking Robot technology is GreenParking’s latest innovation and a smart addition to its list of eco-friendly innovations.

The car park at The Beach by Meraas ... the system manages 1,200 parking spaces.

The car park at The Beach by Meraas ... the system manages 1,200 parking spaces.

“This revolutionary parking technology can drastically reduce lighting consumption, optimise the car park capacity and completely replace valet parking. We believe it will be very successful in the region,” says Alawiye. 

Highlighting some of its systems, he says: “Our parking management system stands out for its ParkChip technology, which has taken the parking industry to another level of design and performance. The technology has a lot of advantages, both from an environmental and financial point of view.

“We have also developed MobiPark, a mobile automated parking system, which helps manage car parks even if no parking equipment is installed, thanks to its customised software. 

“In addition, GreenParking offers a variety of different solutions with regard to electric vehicle charging systems adapted to each kind of car park and is pioneering with installations of electro-vehicle chargers across Dubai.”

The company is currently working on the launch of a new product that promises higher benefits for customers, developers and estate owners. “In addition to the eco-friendly, energy- and cost-saving technology and the discount options on parking rates provided to car park visitors, our new product launch will add value and rewards to our business customers as well as to individual car park visitors,” he says, adding that further details will be revealed at the end of this year.

Alawiye states that with the demand for parking increasing rapidly, developers and estate owners are looking for highly efficient and modern systems to manage their paid parking areas and while the cost of investing in these systems may sometimes seem high, GreenParking is offering exclusive renting options or BOT (build-operate-transfer) models.

Alawiye ... positive.

Alawiye ... positive.

“If our clients do not wish to buy or make a big investment in their parking, we give them the opportunity of several financing models that would fit into their operational budgets,” he says.

GreenParking not only supplies and installs the equipment but also operates the sites using its knowledge to enhance performance and generate more revenue. “Our expertise in the industry allows us to improve the site conditions, market it with a suitable approach and provide high standards of customer service to keep visitors happy,” he adds. 



The company has been managing a number of international projects. “We supply and operate major airports in the region and specialise in handling parking facilities of important hotel chains. We boast over 100 parking references both locally and abroad,” he says.

One of its biggest and most prestigious projects is the car park of the longest mall in the world, The Beach by Meraas, located at JBR in Dubai. GreenParking supplied the complete parking management system to run this car park of 1,200 visitor parking spaces smoothly.

“The state-of-the-art equipment that we provide is made in Germany and is well known for its reliability, high-quality, robust design and eco-friendly features,” Alawiye stresses.

The installed equipment includes entry and exit stations, high-speed barriers, automatic payment machines and manual cashier booths. The paid parking system is operated based on the smart and sustainable ParkChip technology. Additionally, GreenParking team is operating the car park and providing for comfortable and hassle-free parking.

GreenParking, a division under FutureLink, has been in the UAE since 1996. Headquartered in Dubai, it has an office in Abu Dhabi.

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